On Lockdown… In Quarantine…

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALK!
BY: Pilar Mateo

WHILE at home and glued to the socmed, there are interesting stories about celebrities being shared.

Actor Marco Alcaraz and wife Precious Lara Quigaman talks about their life in the time of CoVid-19.

“Sa bahay teamwork kami ni Lara.

unnamed (1)

“She does the laundry and ako- I play with the kids! Fair naman diba?

“Well she loves doing the laundry ever since she started using Downy Hypoallergenic which I discovered in one of my grocery runs. It has 0% dyes and added preservatives, and it smells so good! Anything good and healthy is worth it for my family and welcome in our house. Our clothes are nicer, softer, our kids happier- and all I can think of is how truly grateful I am!”

Con todo promo pa, right!

#DownyHypoAllergenic #BastaDownyZeroWorry @DownyPhilippines



FROM singer Timmy Cruz’ abode:

“Especially for you dear Global Family 🌍

“From my happy heart

“Mapayapang Umaga. Maganda at Masaya•)

“Peaceful Beautiful Happy Day !!! Little 3D art for you using my mini note paper which i use for my business notes, instead of discarding used ones, got my scissors & cut , cut. It stems from my super urge to be in & with my garden in the very very near future. I am nursing this beautiful thought.”

#stayingsafe #stayingpeaceful #stayinghappy #stayinghealthy #stayingalive #stayingkicking


AND FROM THE KITCHEN of Mrs. Vic Sotto, Pauleen, cleanliness comes first!

“Did you know that Joy Baby is so gentle for it doesn’t have any harmful chemicals?

“This is why it’s safe to use to wash your fruits and veggies but with the right usage! Aside from cleaning my daughter’s utensils, we also use #JoyBaby to clean our fruits and vegetables! We can never be too sure, ‘di ba?

“Prevention is always better than cure kaya i make sure that everything that’s inside our house is clean ☺️ Stay home, stay clean and stay healthy, everyone! 💙

“PS. Dilute 1ml in 1L of water for washing. Rinse thoroughly with water before consumption.”

Happy wife! Happy Life!


FROM DESIGNER Francis Libiran’s atelier:

“In order to provide protective gear to the frontliners leading the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic, our dedicated team at @FrancisLibiran has been working to produce personal protective equipment (PPE).

“These PPE suits are made of medical-grade protective clothing material that can shield the body against liquids and chemicals.

“Together, we shall heal.”

#FrancisLibiran #TogetherWeShallHeal


#WeHealAsOne ! (30)

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