Of Quarantine and Lockdown

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

WITH THE QUARANTINE AND LOCKDOWN, all our eyes are glued to the Internet.

Where lots of pictures and videos tell so much stories. In the lives of celebrities, they have been sharing the simple lives they lead.

Marian Rivera Dantes, never gets tired of cooking. Especially for the frontliners.



ROBIN PADILLA gets to spend a lot of bonding time with his girls. But Mama Mariel is not allowed to play with them!

Shared Mariel, :Sneaking to get a photo of them hehehe because Mommy is not allowed to join daw. Pretend play they are on an airplane with the kids (Moana, American Girl, Mulan and Chenille) 💕💕💕


Direk Benedict Mique

AND THERE ARE LOTS OF PICS with everyone getting a haircut!

Sharing with you what they have shared in their socmed accounts.

In one Barangay, they even put up a barber shop with social distancing for the constituents to get their “gupit”.

Our stars did it with a little help from family members.

Mga “pogi” on the loose! (30)

Rochelle Pangilinan

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