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pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo


A FRIEND of mine shares his experiences living in the Land of Milk and Honey in the time of CoVid-19.

MJ Racadio is a vlogger and host feom EBC (Eagle Broadcasting Corporation), who treks back and forth to the US, not just to hobnob with celebrities but to take a peek inside their lives.

He felt the flu-like symptoms a week ago. But he said it was not CoVid-19.

“Finally went to Urgent Care last April 15, I was diagnosed with Shingles, which is chickenpox for adults. The Dr. prescribed antiviral for 7 days. Thank God! I am better now, its my 6th day of my meds, I have been getting lots of rest.”


MJ is just happy to share that his work as a vlogger continues.

“I have a new show for Eagle Broadcasting online called Entertainment News Now!”

You can see him chat with several Hollywood celebrities. And MJ still finds time to share his recipes and their things hr can show on his vlog.

The best part are the perks.


#BlogtalkHollywood, received an invitation for Advance Screening of #Hollywood, a #Netflix Limited Series this Friday via online. Available for Streaming this May 01.

Enjoying life on an off camera, MJ on wherever part of the Philippines and America he sets his foot in has a gamut of subjects or topics which he delves into.

He also shares tips on Health.


“#BlogtalkWellness: Just received my Advance Scalar Energy Pendant from #Destina1 #D1Tesla Technology. Protection from EMF-Electro Magnetic Field/Radiation/RF-Radio Frequency/Free Radicals-Pollution, Food-GMOs & Antibiotic and Diseases-Virus. A big thank you to Hondo Dacumos and the CEO of Destina1 International. “My energy already went-up, just wore this pendant for only 2 hours.”

In our kind of job, health is still the number one priority.

Looking forward to hobnobbing with you in the Philippine Entertainment arena very soon, MJ!



THE Jukebox Queen, Imelda Papin’s daughter Maffi Carreon mouthed her sentiments on social media abot the basings her Mom got when Imleda sang “Iisang Dagat” with a Chinese artist.
“If you have the right to react I do too ! Kung wala po kayong magawa sa bahay ninyo at kung hindi mang bash ng tao . Baka gusto nyo po maghanap ng pagkakitaan or matulungan para hindi puro social media ang inaatupag ninyo !

“You are all so quick to judge people . When merely you have no clue of the persons intent . Kung hindi Unity !

“By the way sa lutong nang pagsasalita ninyo . Sino po ang walang pinagaralan sa atin ? At sino po ang walang takot sa diyos . Naturingan pa kayong pinoy .

“Kayo po ang nakakahiya . Bastos po kayo ! Kayo ang traitor sa humanity ! Lahat ang sasama makapagsalita ! Hindi na kayo nagisip muna bago magreact !

“Hindi niyo naisip na walang ibang pakay kung hindi puro kadumihan at negative ! Reklamo dahil kulang ang tulong sa inyo . Dahil hindi makalabas at bored .

Imelda Papin

“Ngayon mas importante sa inyo na magbash ng tao na tumulong sa milyong milyong pilipino .

“Mas importante sa inyo mangkutya ng kababayan ninyo dahil gusto ng Unity ! Sorry po pero huwag po kayo magmalinis . Kasi wala po kayong magandang idinudulot sa society ! Kundi bullying !!!!!

“This is the biggest form of bullying ! All of you that bullies anyone on social media . You are all trolls ! You have no regard for life !

“If you are so concern for the country . You will see the “ good “with the intention of the song .

“I am well aware of what’s happening and not ignorant . So why don’t you educate yourselves with proper human decency during this pandemic.

“Because I think it’s worse than what the virus is causing in the Philippines!

“And trolls it’s your turn !!!!! Oh P.S. stop following us if wala po kayong common sense . Kasi nakakabobo ang reactions nyo po !

“Tulungan kayo or hindi lagi kayo may reklamo !

“Para sa good intentions may reklamo parin !

“I cannot fathom the type of thinking you all have!

“Mas concern kayo makasira ng tao kaysa magkaisa at gumaling ang mundo !

“Mahirap ba intindihin ang Iisang Dagat !”

This all stemmef from a music video about the Philippines and China’s so-called partnership amid the virus outbreak as “friendly neighbors across the sea”.

Called “Iisang Dagat,” the song released by the Chinese Embassy in Manila was met with huge backlash online.

The said tribute video, described by a lot as a ‘tasteless propaganda’, has so far earned 95,000 dislikes on YouTube and 11,000 angry reactions on Facebook.

And the Jukebox Queen said her piece about this, too.

“Ni singko centavo, wala ako kinita dyan. I was invited to do the song. Wala pong bayad sa akin. Kaya bakit ako ang inaaway?” (30)

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