Celebrations in the Time of COVID-19

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

A BIRTHDAY CELEBRATION OF ACTRESS KIM Chiu in the time of COVID-19 in Quarantine.

Her message:

“30teen on quarantine!!!😁🎂😍

“Today I woke up turning another page of my life!!!❤️ gave my thanks to our father above for the life he has given me.

“My faith is always tested but I will never give up believing in him🙏🏻 It just became stronger and stronger every time I surpass a difficult time in my life. 🙏🏻 when I was blowing my cake today, a flashback I saw,……

“Thankful I was able to blow my cake today on my special day!!! ❤️ living each day with a grateful heart!!!! Thank you for everyone who greeted me today and for remembering my day despite of what we are facing right now. Salamat sa oras ninyo!!! Really means a lot!!!!😭😭😭 my heart is full!!!! ❤️ salamat! Celebrating today with my achi @kamchiu my niece #raine and my angels at home!!!!🏡❤️ #grateful #thankful
Thank you sa lahat ng nagpadala ng cake, flowers and food!!!!💗💗💗😁😁😁



AND A CELEBRATION OF LOVE. Of two less lonely people in the world.

Macky Mathay thought of cooking for his Sunshine Cruz.

Steak it is.

This is what Love in the time of Quarantine si about! On their thir year?

Said he’s “37! Today was such a fulfilling day, distributed grocery bags to our brothers and sisters who really need the help that they can get in this time of Covid19 crisis.

“Brought the food packs and face shields that you donated to our frontliners in our beloved city.

“Topping it all kahit na ang haba na ng araw ko, I enjoyed and loved oven baking then searing steak for you. ❤️ kita my Sunshine at alam mo yan!


I am singing. “You are my sunshine…you make me happy…”

And they love spending most of their moments with their kids. Ain’t that what love is all about?

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