How are They Doing? It’s Palm Sunday!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

ALL OVER THE WORLD, people are praying incessantly for the Lord to bless us and eradicate this unseen enemy.

Kanya-kanya ng ikot ng buhay ang bawat tao.

Ang Queen of All Media na si Kris Aquino ay hindi nauubusan ng ibabahagi sa kanyang followers.

She and sons Josh and Bimby are tucked in an island for days now.

This is what she shared today.

“I’m 100% sure my boys & i have been away from home since March 1, it’s been 6 weeks of getting to know many kindhearted people…

“Malalagpasan at babangon tayo sa pagsubok na pinagdaraanan ng buong Pilipinas, #LABAN pa.

“Yesterday, i had a severe allergic reaction to food (i’m owning it, alam kong bawal but i thought konti lamang won’t be so bad)— bumagsak to 70/53 ang BP ko & expired na my EpiPen… couldn’t get a diphenhydramine shot because BP was too low… celestamine, a lot of water, and REST was our option.

“I had refrained from posting pics of where we’re staying but the owner & staff have been so KIND- they helped move some of my stuff to the beachfront room because the fresh sea air would help me recover faster.

“Sweets are supposed to help pag may allergens pa sa katawan, so they sent me fresh baked buco pie & Check has been making me turon saging w/ langka. (na super favorite ko)… ang ulam siguro, after 3 days na pag na tanggal na sa katawan ko yung food allergens that i consumed.

“Thank you to nurse Mona na nagpuyat para magbantay kagabi (she’s from Mindoro, works in NCR; na lock in kaya para syang guardian angel sa ‘min ni bimb.)

“Thank you kay ate Loida & her extended family, Madame Lexie & everyone na stay-in sa resort for the warm hospitality, and most of all Randy & especially Check, who kept my ate updated & my sons well fed…

“Bed rest po dahil nanghihina pa. God bless everyone. Have a peaceful Sunday.”

Her followers are thankful to know that she and the boys are okay.

Added the Queen of All Media,

“Despite the uncertainty of today— isn’t it hopeful to know, our Father still managed to gift us with an awe-inspiring sunset? #faith ***nagkaubusan na ng damit- kuya’s shorts & mine were bought in Pure Gold, Calapan.

“Nakapagpalaba kami nung mga binili & i chose the most wearable shirts na baon namin, humiram ako sa kanila, house brand ng @thesmstore BALENO favorite ko kahit pwedeng night shirt na for me. Maganda ang quality ng his from @puregold_ph & matibay talaga ang BALENO. 😘


FROM ONE Presidential Daughter to another.

Senator Imee Marcos shared this:

“Garbage collectors, street sweepers, janitors and other workers involved in sanitizing our communities should be considered frontliners just as crucial as medical staff in the fight against COVID-19.”

Marcos called on the government to ensure financial aid like stipends, if not steady employment, for sanitation workers who have a clear role in reducing the spread of disease and are employed in hospitals, government offices, condominiums, super market and other business establishments.


“Huwag nating kalimutan ang mga basurero, street sweepers at mga janitor na tumutulong para labanan ang COVID-19. Buwis-buhay din ang kanilang ginagawang trabaho,” Marcos said.

Anticipating that an ongoing lockdown in Luzon would be extended, Marcos filed Senate Bill 1414 to sustain frontliners as well as ordinary workers who may lose their jobs during the COVID-19 crisis.

The bill proposes to augment the government’s P200-billion emergency budget with additional government funds and loans totalling P750 billion, specified in a program Marcos called Pag-ASA: Alaga, Sustento, Angat.

Marcos added that soldiers, policemen, immigration personnel, couriers and cargo handlers of crucial goods, and drivers of shuttle services for hospital staff should also be recognized as frontliners in the fight against COVID-19.

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