Bayanihan in the Middle of Pandemic

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

WHATEVER is happening around the globe, near where we are, in distant places, there is and will always be something to look into.

The goodness in each of us.

Arnell Ignacio, now a host in DZMM’S #Labor of Love” (with Rica Lazo) has this to share

“Ang isang leader sa gobyerno kahit ano pa ang tinapos ang dapat ang galing niya e sukatin sa MANAGEMENT SKILLS.


“Dahil puno ito ng logistical challenges. Madalas mababasa mo naka tapos ng ganito nang ganyan , may masteral sa ganito sa ganyan etc, pero on top of all these ang pinakamalaking requirement e maging CEO siya na marunong komunsulta sa proper sources, marunong magpaandar ng isang higanteng organisasyon, marunong magdeisyon sa crisis, marunong magpakilos ng tao kahit gaanong karami.

“Kaya yung ibang leader sa ngayon hindi talaga alam ang gagawin dahil nagimbal sa laki ng problemaa at may ilang nagsusulputan na kahanga hanga. At yung umangat e merong husay in managemnet, and direction to his vision.”


A VERY GOOD SAMARITAN! That has been the “Tatay” of “Eat Bulaga’s” Antonio P. Tuviera’s trademark.

In this situation, UST receives brand-new 3D printers from Eat Bulaga for PPE production.

The new printers, installed in the University earlier today, will augment UST’s efforts of producing visors for the face shields of frontliners.

Maraming salamat, TAPE, Inc. at mga Dabarkads!

God bless you more!


FROM THE HOME OF actor Edu Manzano, we saw this post in his social media account:

“Waiting to deliver the final load of Aerosol boxes to St. Luke’s Hospital. What started as 50 ballooned to 240. What a week! Thanks to our partners: The Calaquian Family (ANIMO), Primex Printers, Halili-Cruz School of Dance, Global-Link, Joseph de la Rosa & Archie and Karen Aldaba.”
#letsfightcovid19together #forourfrontliners #parasapilipinasnatingmahal #flattenthecurve


And before this, he had this posted in his gate:

“I found a great thing to do while in quarantine. And all it took us was 2 sacks, straw and 3 markers. Let them know we appreciate their efforts. Proud to be Pinoy! #inthistogether #frontliners #pinoy #goawaycoronavirius.”

From the mouth of Doods, “There is nothing we can’t do when we do it together.”

Praise God for people like them. In the time of Corona Virus, they are all God-sent!

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