Haters gonna hate

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo


IN SPITE of the good deeds one does to her fellowmen, still some are just not too happy.

Someone shared her ire regarding the selfless acts that actress Angel Locsin is doing to help people helping other people in the time of CoVid-19.

Her beau Neil Arce, has this to say:

“Someone Sent me this post today.

“First of all my fiancé is Not trying to impress anyone So it doesn’t really matter to US if you were Not impressed.

“Yes I agree with you I myself would rather praise frontliners who are risking their lives everyday. This is The reason why we are doing this to Help our frontliners by making sure they are protected, making sure they can rest and by making sure we do everything we can to make their lives easier. Impressing anyone Especially people like you who seems to hate on people you do Not know personally is Not at all important to us.


“Stating That she makes that much money per taping a day is far from reality and is fallacious. I honestly believe that God made her successful because God knows she Will use it to Help those who are In Need.

“Calling out all actors as self-centered and Filipinos idiots is something we do Not Need during this time of Crisis sir. What worries me is that I read that you are a Professor is this what we are supposed to teach our students? Are we supposed to teach our students to look at everything negatively?

“I don’t expect everyone to believe In The sincerity of The things we do. But if The people our students are supposed to learn from think this way then our country Will never really have a chance to prosper.”

Why do people like this irate one exist? An ingrate, too!



CAME across this comment in my page. And is very food to share. About the lives we lead in the time of Corona Virus:

“Hindi ko alam, pero para sa akin malaking bagay yung makapag stay ng ilang linggo sa bahay lang.

“Hindi tayo sanay lahat, alam ko po, pero yung kasama mo yung Pamilya mo araw araw, ang dami mong oras para sa sarili mo, makakapag dasal ka ng madalas, nakakatulong sa ibang tao, natuto tayong mas kumain ng kailangan ng katawan natin. Kahit papaano may magandang naidulot din itong lockdown.

“Naiintindihan ko na para sa ibang hindi regular ang trabaho mas mahirap, pero likas po talaga sa mga Pinoy ang pag tutulungan.


“Yan naman ang maipagmamalaki ko sa pagiging Pilipino. Malaking tulong din ito para sa Kalikasan natin. Kung papansinin niyo po napaka aliwalas ng mga kalsada, simoy ng hangin, yung mga dagat lumabas yung totoong kulay na kahit nung bata ako hindi ko nakitang ganun yung nasa paligid ko.
Wala tayong magawa kundi magdasal, paulit ulit na magdasal, dahil sigurado po ako lahat ng panalangin ng bawat isa naririnig NIYA 🙏

“-Pakiusap ko po mas doble ingatan natin ang matatanda at mga bata, kayo rin mismo sana iwasan niyo ng lumabas. Para sa lahat .
Lilipas din lahat ito sa ngalan ng

We are all in this together. Let’s do our share. Stay home. Keep calm. This too, shall pass!

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