In The Midst of our Battle with the Dreaded Corona Virus, People Say What They’re Beset With

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS
BY: Pilar Mateo


From Senator Francis “Kiko” Pangilinan:

“I am currently on the 13th day of self quarantine after being exposed to a Covid 19 positive person. Upon the advice of my doctor and consistent with the DoH strict protocols on Persons Under Monitoring (PUM) I am constrained to stay at home in order to avoid the possibility of infecting others should I be positive yet asymptomatic. I have not been tested.

“Late Saturday night, I experienced a dry cough and I am now under observation. My Doctor(my younger sister Donna) has advised me to monitor the cough. According to her, it may be viral or since I have a history of acid reflux, it may be an acid reflux induced cough. I have no fever. I have no cold.

“The above mentioned development plus the strict 14 day self quarantine are the reasons why I am unable to attend today’s Special Session.


“I am, however, in direct communication with a number of colleagues who in turn are in communication with Senators in attendance so that we may introduce through them our proposed amendments.

“The Senate Minority through Senators Drilon, Hontiveros and myself have also written the the Senate Leadership requesting that our rules be suspended so we can go into teleconferencing. This is still to be decided.

“We are working to ensure that the bill finally approved into law will be an effective tool in defeating the pandemic now wreaking havoc on our nation and our people.

“God guide, bless and protect us all, our nation and our people.”

Pray that all be well with him and his family.


TV HOST MAINE MENDOZA SHARED in her social media posts the project she launched. Her #DoNationDrive. For the less fortunate.
“Hi everyone! I hope you are in a safe place as you read this post,” she started.

“As we all know, we are facing one of the biggest challenges not only in our country but the whole world as well. The COVID-19 virus has been continuously affecting all sorts of people, regardless of their status in the society. We are all required to stay at home, but some people, especially our frontliners, whether be it in the government, food and medical industry have been trying their best to fulfill their duty as our modern heroes on these difficult times.”


She shares her sentiments on what most of us can still do for our fellowmen.

“Consider yourself blessed, if despite all, you can purchase food and sanitation supplies (even hoard!) for your homes. But what about those workers who live on a day-to-day basis? Now that they are obliged not to go to work, how can they survive?” she wrote.

“I will be launching my DoNation Drive to help in my own little way, those who are greatly affected by this catastrophe. I know how hard it is for these people nowadays to sustain their living so I decided to share as much as I can to them. I will be sending P1,000 per household. (for food groceries and other essentials) This is to help as many employees as possible,” she shared.

“This also leads me to the realization that we can all help, in our own little ways, to at least make things easier to those who need it the most. If you want to play a part, you can spare a little amount from your pockets that will surely go to those in need. Our share, no matter how big or small, will go a long way,” she added.

“Again, your share, no matter how big or small, will surely go a long way. Let’s DO this!”

For details, you can send an email through

Let’s do this. Together!

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