Three Men and Life!

pilar mateo sni “The “P” Talks!
BY: Pilar Mateo

THEY bonded on guesting in “It’s Showtime”!

That is how the life and times of BuDaKhel came to be.

Bugoy Drilon, a “Pinoy Dream Academy Season 2” alumnus and known to be the veteran among the three, had celebrated his 10th year with sold-out concert.

Daryl Ong showcased his voice talents in such large-scale talent competitions as “Pinoy Pop Superstar”, “The Voice of the Philippines Season 2” and as a member of “Voices of 5”.

Music fans remember Michael Pangilinan when he first appeared on the “X Factor Philippines” and became a household name when he competed in the second season of the top-rating celebrity game show “Your Face Sounds Familiar”.

As BuDaKhel, the three are set to electrify their audiences with their combined star power to bring out the best hits of the generation that spawned such vibrant genres from Alternative Rock to Boyband Pop, Hiphop, Reggae, R&B and more-the music of the 90s!

BuDaKhel (4)

Presented by Resorts World Manila in cooperation with KreativDen, “BuDaKhel Live: Best of the 90s” will happen on March 20, 2020 at the NPAT (Newport Performing Arts Theater) at 8 pm, directed by Dido Camara, with musical direction from Rey Cantong.

A throwback concert. As the years pss, the friendships forged continue to brotherhoo-just like family.

Only Bugoy remains single and prefers to enjoy his life as a traveler and being friends with expats.

“The reason confident na ko magsalita in English. Kahit marami pa ring mali. mas gusto ko na muna magpatuloy sa paga-alaga sa career ko. Malapit ko na mbili ‘yunv bahay para sa family ko. Para magsasama-sama na kami ng apat na babae kong kapatid dito,” mused the Bicolano.

Daryl confessed that he has two “panganays” from previous relationships.

“I have to boys. ‘Yung isang panganay who is 12 years old na, stays with his Mom sa US. ‘Yung isa pa panganay naman is three years old na.”

Daryl recalls his “kalandian” days.

“But now, I know na ready na kao magpakasal sa girlfriend ko of 4vyears na. Napa-annul ko na my previous marriage. Ha? Na-approve n ang divorce? I am ready na. Pero wait p muna raw kami kahit three years. My girlfriend now wants pa sana to become flight attendant. Kaso, dumting ng corona virus!”

Michael or Khel shared somw “hugots”. Which he said he shares with the two.

What Khel shared was more of what he has learned in life, especially in dealing with people.

“Mas i-accept niyo sa buhay ang mga tao’ng magsasabi ng mali mo para maitama mo. Hindi ‘yung mali na nga pero hahayaan ka lang.”

He added that he has a sturdy lovelife with Garie Concepcion. Though he hasn’t met his father-in-law to be, Khel looks at the brighter side of life s far d their relationship is concerned.

“We both believe ni Garie in God’s perfect timing. Kung tungkol sa kasalan, darating tayo dyan. For the now, we are happy enjoying our life together. Ako, doing my music. Siya rin!”


Hindi Tayo Puwede (2)

A PURE love story involving three people is what Ricky Lee wrote for the characters portrayed by Lovi Poe, Marco Gumabao, and Tony Labrusca in Viva Films’ “Hindi Tayo Puwede” now showing in cinemas.

A love-story about moving on. A love that one can’t control.

Tony admits that he was very nervous in the scenes he shared with Lovi. The sensual and the sexual. The people who watched the premiere were titillated every time Tony shares the kissing, the “laplapan” and physical expressions of love between them.

How does one let go of someone who is no longer of this world?

It is their love for each other that Lovi and Tony’s characters that people will watch. A love that goes beyond the grave!

While there was another pure love waiting in the wing’s for Lovi to accept what can’t be chaged anymore.

As scriptwriter Lee would say, it’s a love story in its purest form.

Just about love!

March on to the cinemas and see the sterling performances of these actors that’s making Boss Vic del Rosario all the more prouder!

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