Making It (With You) and the Rest of the World… Their Kind of Magic!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

SHOULDN’T we be happy when a colleague of ours makes it to Hollywood.

He is not a true-blue actor but he can once in a while. When everyone’s starting to welcome that technology can offer in social media, he has started doing his Vlogs on that tiny room he had in Las Vegas, USA.

Now, the small town boy has a story to tell!

MJ Racadio (4)

As a recording artist, Hollywood Red Carpet reporter for Eagle News International, creator of the successful Hollywood blog and podcast Blogtalk with MJ Racadio, he interviewed influential people in the entertainment industry including individuals who have won Oscars, Emmys, Grammys, Tonys and executive producers of the Golden Globe Awards) with new segment “Blogtalk Hollywood”.

He knows firsthand the hard work and dedication it takes to make dreams come true. MJ Racadio receive the prestigious 2016 Social Media Reporter of the year award by the Filipino American Press Club of California.

The success of realizing his dreams led MJ Racadio to take his talents and expertise to Social Dragon PR. He is now known and respected by many in the industry as a successful PR, event organizer and branding expert. He knows that the difference between making dreams come true comes from having a team working together, to be there along the way to make the path easier with the right PR and connections. Because at Social Dragon PR, everyone sincerely cares and is passionate about helping each actor, singer, musician, model and event realize their unique dreams.

Blogtalk with MJ Racadio has reached Season 12 with new segment “Blogtalk Hollywood” about the film, TV, music, theater and fashion.

“The most memorable interview was when I interviewed Steve Harvey on the red carpet. I really admire him for his perseverance and never give-up advice.”

“I love representing our Filipino culture whether it be on the red carpet or podcast. We need our voice to be heard. I will do this for the rest of my life.”

MJ Racadio (3)

Now, the small town boy is working on his book. Something he wants to share not just to the denizens of Hollywood, but to the celebrities and special people he has interviewed and hobnobbed with on Philippine Cinema, its industry.

Here is the link of Blogtalk Hollywood, available on Spotify and iTunes and 8 other platforms.


Jef Tam (1)

AND shouldn’t we be truly happy, when a Pinoy makes it to the international scene, too? In the world of Magic, that is.

Proliferating the scene, especially in the Pinoy Showbiz arena is Jef Tam, who also moonlights as an actor. In fact, he was part of a soon -to-be shown project of Richard Somes, featuring Javi Benitez, Kid Alpha 1.

Jef shared his sentiments about the world he is in to socmed..

It was a mouthful!

“Bilang magician number #1 rule bawal mag expose ng magic in public.

“2011 nag expose itong kasama namin sa isang show sa tv5 kaya ito yung naging dahilan kaya sya na persona non grata sa lahat ng magic organization sa pilipinas.

Jef Tam (3)

“Dna sya kinikilalang magician ng kapwa magician. 2018 sinubukan niya humingi ng sorry thru video sa youtube pero dna sya pinakinggan ng marami.

“Ngayon 2020 naulit na naman sa youtube channel niya nag turo na naman sya magic which alam naman niyang malaking bawal inulit na naman niya.

“Halos Lahat ng magic club last night nagtipon tipon ulit para sa isang meeting against him. Waiting lang ako sa magiging resulta pero ive heard padadalhan sya ng sulat just to let him know na lahat ng club against sa kanya.

“From there kng itutuloy pa rin niya yung ginagawa niya wala na kaming magagawa basta lng ang aim namin maiparating namin sa kanya na against kami. Kse dnamin siya controlled nasa sa kanya na yun kng di sya makikinig.”

I asked around. The other magician in the showbiz or entertainment industry is also a comefian, has.had his share of bida role in “Hari ng Sablay”.

Sana mali ako. That he is not Bearwin Meily.

Is this true?

Jef Tam (2)

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