TFC brings “Hello, Love, Goodbye” in Taiwan this February

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One of Taiwan’s biggest names in film exhibition and Philippine’s international multimedia powerhouse officially launch their strategic partnership on February. TFC brings ABS-CBN Films Star Cinema’s phenomenal hit movie “Hello, Love, Goodbye” in Taiwan as it screens on select VieShow Cinemas from February 21-23.

Foreign-language moviegoers are to discover an array of subtitled Filipino motion pictures as VieShow Cinemas begins to carry films distributed by TFC. And what better way to start their love story with Philippine movies than watching the highest grossing Filipino film of all time? Under its belt, the Kathryn Bernardo and Alden Richards starrer is globally recognized as the highest-grossing Filipino film in the Middle East, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand. As of September 2019, the film earned PHP 880.6 million (TWD 521.7 million) worldwide gross revenue.

Hello, Love, Goodbye

Consequently, “Hello, Love, Goodbye” will be the first Filipino film to be screened across VieShow Cinema. Pleased of this additional momentous feat for the film is VieShow Cinemas Spokesman Ross Lee. “Releasing such a romantic Philippine film ‘Hello, Love, Goodbye’ is ViewShow’s honor and we’re looking forward to this film’s chemistry in Taiwan. May all romance film audiences enjoy it!”

For more updates about the film screening, visit TFC official website and VieShow Cinemas website or follow TFC Asia on Facebook. The following cinemas will hold special screenings between February 21-23:

  • VieShow Cinemas Kaoshiung FE21
  • VieShow Cinemas Tainan FE21
  • VieShow Cinemas Taichung Top City
  • VieShow Cinemas Hsinchu FE21
  • VieShow Cinemas Taoyuan Tonlin
  • VieShow Cinemas Linkou Mitsui Outlet Park
  • VieShow Cinemas Banciao Mega City
  • VieShow Cinemas Qsquare

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