Stand Up for Laughs!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

TFC (The Filipino Channel) welcomes the new decade with lots of fun and laughter via “Stand Up For Laughs“.

It is the first original comedy content which can be seen for FREE by all registered users outside the Philippines via TFC Online and soon in the Philippines via iWant.

It is an eight episode stand-up comedy series which is TFC’s first venture into producing content inder the comedy genre.

Stand Up For Laughs (4)

Global Content Head Ned Legaspi says, “We are excited to launch not only our first comedy series but also a fresh batch of comedians who turn to humor to raise awareness about the lives of the Filipinos abroad and some parts of our culture that is uniquely Filipino.”

Out of the eight, we met the six comedians: Alex Calleja, GB Labrador, Clark Capilit Llaga, Winer Aguilar, Ramon Cabochan, and Orca Reyes. Nicki Morena who is an MOR deejay has a show and Yuki has work.

Of the six, I am familiar with Orca as I’ve seen her kind of comedy at the Library sing along bar several years ago and has heard her sing as part of the Fat Session Band.

Stand Up For Laughs (6)

Writing their own materials, Alex wants ti emphasize that stand-up comedy is based on one’s experience.

“Lumalabas kami sa comfort zone namin. At nilalagyan ng konting storytelling na hindi lumalayo sa reality.”

Up a notch, Alex and the group wants to educate their audience in a different light.

“Hindi mababaw. Hindi rin naman super lalim,” is how Orca puts it. “I have tried the Library’s brand of comedy. Alam naman natin what Mamu’s (Andrew de Real) goal as far as making people laugh was about. In here, it’s a different scenario. we are showing eight episodes. Kumbaga, may windows na they will click from the rest of the programs. We each have our own topics to discuss. Different scenarios of our kababayans living abroad.

“Dalawa lang kaming babae ni Nicki. So there would be jokes na ang babae ang makaka-relate. Monthly period. Being a Nanay and more. Kaya, we write our stories. The good thing is, pinaguusapan at pinapakinggan namin each other’s jokes. So we would know what would work and won’t.”

The relatable eight-episode standup comedy series can be seen outside the Philippines via TFC Online and soon in the Philippines via iWant. Itbis FREE for all registered users.

For the show’s updates, visit and like or TFC’s Facebook page applicable to your area. Connect with fellow global Kapamilyas and follow @KapamilyaTFC and KapamilyaGlobalPR on Twitter and Instagram.

Stand Up For Laughs (3)

For many years, Alex, who has been in the scene for already 12 years amd his fellow stand-up comics like GB who is the founder of Comedy Manila is looking forward to share more of their antics that can be appreciated globally.

JoKoy has his own brand or kind of comedy. He has created his captive audience.

Here in Manila, the Philippines, our kind of stand-up comics or comedians are the kind that can be at par with everyone else in the world!

See them shine and tickle your funny bones!

Make them stand out. In a different light. Just for laughs!

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