An Actor and Musicians! Big Treats Coming!

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BY: Pilar Mateo

WHO is Dene Gomez? He is one who is sure that he is in this business for all the right reasons.

He honed his skills as a theater actor and successful commercial model during his teenage years.

Now, he is part of “FPJ’s Ang Probinsyano” where he plays the character Ramon Gonzales, a gambler who cannot pay his debt so the collateral will be the daughter he kidnapped.

Dene Gomez (1)

Get to know Dene.

“I grew up in Pagsanjan, Laguna. I have one step-brother living in Mabalacat, Pampanga (dad’s side).

“I have this unquenchable thirst to be knowledgeable and skillful on any field I get my hands into, no matter how unrelated those fields are from each other.

“I am a dragon boat athlete with several international gold medals. I was recently accredited as an international umpire for rowing.

“I have been acting since 2004 and I have portrayed a wide variety of characters already. I can do musicals, can fire a gun on set, and can cry on cue. I love Math and numbers. I taught myself Accounting. I am a Registered nurse. I was once a Valedictorian in high school. I fancy dissecting by-laws and statutes of corporations. And I love troubleshooting computers.

“Despite all this craziness and competitive nature that I have, what I value the most right now is peace of mind. A peaceful mind and a peaceful heart will always come first.

How did he get himself in Acting.

“Through Bobby Martino, my acting mentor on stage and TV. Whenever he is acting, first word to leave his mouth, I always get chills. I want to have that magic one day.

“I must also give credit to everyone I encountered in my life for their contribution to my acting technique. I am a combination of all people around me. Aside from emulating celebrities on TV and film, I also observe people on the streets and on normal situations.”

Dene Gomez (2)

Has he achieved his dream role yet?

“A low-key lead character with several layers of back story underneath. I always wanted to show strength with restraint. Just like the character of Ethan Hawke on the “Before” trilogy. Just marvelous.

” Yes, recently. But looking back from when I started year 2004, the answer is NO. My motivation during those early years was just to get famous and get rich.

“It was only last July 2018 when I realized that I really dig acting. It gives me tremendous happiness, regardless of medium, pay, or exposure. The mere art of portraying a role and moving at least one person in the audience is more than enough for my soul.

“Thanks to my thick skin. Assertiveness. Authenticity. Unlimited Patience with People’s Differences. And 10,000 hours of Practice!

“Pressured and culture shocked.

Dene Gomez (3)

Everyone is at the top of their game. It’s the highest rating show among all networks for the whole 2019. Everyone is performing excellently: from the staff, to the directors, to the stuntmen, and to the actors. Thus, I keep telling myself whenever I’m on set, “Must adapt fast and be snappy”.

“I always make sure I get enough sleep before taping day because once the camera rolls, everything becomes a blur with the production’s fast-paced operation.”

The glint in Dene’s eyes just shows how he is enjoying the life of an actor. No complaints!


frontmen (4)

WENCY CORNEJO salutes his co-musicians who will share the stae with him on January 31 and February 1, 2020 at the Music Museum, dubbed as “90s FRONTMEN ACOUSTICIZED“.

“Been thinking about doing this the last week or so since promo started for #NinetiesFrontmen and decided to go for it. I’m not a very thoughtful person, people closest to me know this but I feel such overwhelming gratitude to these 3 gentlemen in the picture with me. So here goes.

“Basti (Artadi), you have proven me so, so wrong. I always thought you were this stuck up coño guy from the South but the past few weeks would have been less bright without you clowning around with the rest of us. I now know you are more than capable of being warm and down to earth, like a cuddly, but at the same time, ferocious bear ready to pounce when needed. You have the voice of a rock God and I only wish you would not retire. There is so much more of your voice that you need to share with the world.

frontmen (1)

“Jett (Pangan), my one and only Parski. Amongst the three, you are the one I have known the longest, in fact you are one of the most constant friend figures in my life having known you for almost 3 decades. I only have the purest respect for you and your inimitable talent. It may be difficult to see for some people, but you have the heart of a true friend. You are not just the ultimate rockstar, you are a real brother to me and for that I am ultimately grateful.

“Dong (Abay), your brain! It has been said that all we need as musicians are 3 chords and the truth and what truth you have shown the world with your art. I admit, as a song writer, I am envious of how you see what goes on around us and translate that into song. I could never be as poetic nor insightful as you in expressing your thoughts. There is only one Dong Abay and I admittedly admire you tremendously. Like I have always said, you deserve to be up there in the pantheon of greatest Filipino musicians.

frontmen (3)

“To you, my 3 brothers in music, salute!”

How sweet! This should be something exciting.

Celebrating the music of the icons and legends at that! Vocalists of The Dawn, Yano, Wolfgang and After Image. That’s a treat!

Now, find out who Wency is on the show brought to us by Advantage International Marketing (A.I.M.)

frontmen (2)

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