pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALK!
BY: Pilar Mateo

IT was my first time to watch her up-close and listen to her voice in a watering hole along Morato Avenue, Taggo.

Laarni Lozada tendered a show for her family and friends and some media peeps.

Then PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy) Dreamer belted out old and new songs with her guests, the Enriquez brothers.


Now, under new Management, in Star Image and Viva, Laarni is looking forward to more shows and recordings in the future.

That night, Lala was so very ecstatic as she entertained her guest.

“Words cannot express my feelings, nor my thanks for my Star Image family- Sir VJ and Sir David/kuya Marc and Pando and Ralph/Majo and Carlo baby, friends and relatives, and the media/bloggers for coming to my show at Taggo. I had a wonderful time performing with my dearest The Enriquez brothers Johann and Paul Jacob, for making the show a success!


“I appreciate everyone’s determination in showing me I can do it! Thanking you Star Image family for your perseverance, love, care, and support! I love you all! God speed! 💕🌈🎤🎶

#miniconcert #StarImageartist #launching #ANightWithLaarni

📸: Star Image Artist Management

One very supportive guest of Laarni or Lala wherever she goes is Joy Sison of Joy for All Sison jeweler.


“Hindi ako magsasawa na pakinggan ang mga kanta niya. Sa mula’t mula, talagang I already loved the way she sings all songs. Kaya sunud lang ako ng sunod wherever she performs. Napaka-bait din naman kasing bata. lahat kami nagwi-wish for her na makakanta pa ng maraming bagong piyesa.”

Gigs left and right, Laarni belives that she’s treading the right path!


KitKat (3)

THOUGH her heart bleeds because her father is in the hospital, singer-actress-comedienne KitKat Favia knows the goals she wants ro accomplish in her battles in life.

“Like I said, parang ulan lang, ‘pag bumubujos naman, sabay-sabay. But on the side, hindi maiiwasan na may daanan na mga laban.”

KitKat couldn’t believe in the trust that people give her to endorse their products. The latest being a health and wellness supplement from EmCoreDotNet.

Launched on December 2, 2015, Em-Core DotNet caters to the needs of each family member in terms of healthy living by offering products that are essential to the daily physical activities of the family.


Em-Core DotNet’s flagship product 24 Alkaline-C has established a strong presence in the online marketing and sales community giving affiliates a profitsble business even for neophytes in entrepreneurship.

“Bago pa man nila ako kinuhang endorser, talaga namang tine-take ko na ang produkto,” mused KitKat.

“Matagal ko na kaibigan si Rey (Panaligan), sina Ibay (Reyes) and Ms. sheryll (Fariñas Edman). Kaya konting kibot sila na ang kinukulit ko. ‘Pag may ubo ako. Ang maganda sa product nila kaya ipinagmamalaki rin nila eh dahil sa kasama na siya sa Superbrands Book Volume IX noong 2016. Na recognized in 92 countries nationwide.”

Wala ng kawala, so to speak, KitKat inked her 2-year contract with the company.

“Ang dami nilang health products. Ang ini-endorse ko are 24-Alka White and Sodium Ascorbate. Talagang nahiyang ako in the sense na maganda ang benefits sa katawan ko.”

Sexy. Beautiful. What more?

KitKat (2)

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