Beauty. The Best. The Wise!

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JOSEPHINE TAPULGO believes that make-up should be fun!

The very reason she and her company Beauty Wise have that vision that they have to continue being dedicated in creating more innovative products to eradicate the pesky and irritable problems in one’s beauty routine.

Beauty Wise celebrated its second anniversary, alongside with its sister Moppa Cosmetics 1st anniversary.

The double whammy of an anniversary took place at the Grand Ballroom of Okada with the masquerade theme.

“Last year, we did a Casino Royale theme. na in-enjoy ng mga distributors, re-sellers and lahat ng naging part ng paglago ng kumpanya. This is our way of thanking din all the people who believes in the vision of being in thw beauty industry. Our purpose is not just to make everyone beautiful but to help people by giving them a business they can earn as well.”

Make-up. Lipstick.

“Hindi po madali ang pumasok sa business ng pagpapaganda. Kaya, kailangan pag-aralan din the benefits, do research sa products we are introducing to the market. Maganda rin siguro sa nangyari sa akin na isa na itong family business na lahat kami ay involved and hands-on sa paga-asikaso.”

Tuesday Vargas hosted the event. And Ms Josephine invited celebrities to grace her themed party-Morissette, Daniel Matsunaga and Sephy Francisco!


Sephy Francisco (3)

SEPHY FRANCISCO wowed the crowd at the Beauty Wise and Moppa Cosmetics event.

Her talent in singing is impeccable!

She was trained as a choir member in their local church at a young age. Which continued alongside with her studies.

Fast forward to 2017, when out of the blue, she joined the hit mystery music game show, “I Can See Your Voice” where she was eliminated but was admired by chanteuse Jessa Zaragoza, and was labeled as a notable “see-cret songer”.

That led her to “I Can See Your Voice Korea” where the show originated. She surprised the Korean viewers with her “The Prayer” dual voice. Earning her 40 million views to date.

Her singing didn’t just stop in Asia. She joined “X Factor UK” in 2018. and stunned the judges with the Simon Cowell and the global audience. She was mentored by Simon in the Girls Category. She got up to the 6-chair challenge. That was where her “X Factor UK” ended.

She started to conquer the world with her dual voice. In Japan, Malaysia, Cambodia, Indonesia and the UK.

Come 2020, she will be doing international singing stints-in Singapore and HongKong.

But while here in the country, doing guesting stints like the Beauty Wise anniversary, Sephy is also promoting her first single, “Galing ng Pinoy”. The song tackles the Filipinos’ resiliency, fighting spirit and incomparable talent.

Sephy wowed the press when it was launched at Iago’s a week ago.

“Galing ng Pinoy” is now available innall digital platforms like Spotify, iTunes and YouTube.

Sephy has been blessed and guided by a good manager (Leah Cortez-Morada). Leah was at the right time and the right place for Sephy. Because of the challenges and sacrifices she had to do to get this far.

And looking forward to more journeys as a proud Pinoy artist!

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