For the Love of Family

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

ACTRESS DIMPLES ROMANA got another blessing with an endorsement that will truly be of help to the whole family.

A personal accident insurance that was destined to serve the Filipino family.

The product’s name, which is a play on the common Pinoy moniker Juan, puts an emphasis that every “Juan” or every Filipino, only has “one life” to live. JUAN LIFE!

It was developed in partnership with non-life insurance company, Stronghold Insurance Company, Incorporated.

JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance covers death and injury due to accident and acts of nature.

Then came Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies, Inc. With the constant disruption brought about by the digital industry, insurtech company Agile Insurance Agency and Business Technologies Inc. or simply Agile, is ready to push the limits in providing digital insurance solutions to their stakeholders and customers. Central to Agile’s purpose is to elevate insurance education by creating agencies for information dissemination.

Dimples Romana

This is where Dimples, now known for her role in “Kadenang Ginto” as Daniela Mondragon, comes into the picture. Agile partnered with Dimples to be their brand ambassador for JuanLife Personal Accident Insurance.

Dimples was welcomed by the media in Shangri-la Hotel headed by General Manager Roselle C. Masirag.

Masirag said that Dimples represents Juan Life’s target market-the family nurturers who are central in every Filipino family, who will do anything to ensure their loved one’s security and success. As Dimples embodies, resilient probpem solvers, solution seekers and entrepreneirial by heart-doing the greatest tasks who lives day by day making decisions for their family.

Said Dimples, “I grew before the very eyes of most of you in the industry. So, alam niyo na the struggles I dealt with in life. Siguro nga, that is God’s way of putting me where I should be. Parang siya na ang nag-ayos ng lahatnsa buhay ko. And more than anything, ig is my family who keeps me going. Kaya naman lahat ng gagawin ko eh, para sa kanila. foremost is their safety and security. No matter what happens, there is something like Juan Life na maga-alaga sa aming lahat.”

Like what Dimples believes, “Iba na ang kampante!”

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