On Luna Awards. A Thank You Post.

pilar mateo sni
BY: Pilar Mateo

FROM FDCP Chairman Liza Diño Seguerra who’s getting the accolades at the recently concluded Luna Awards of the Film Academy of the Philippines (FAP).

“Thank you to our NOMINEES.

“You are why we said yes to mounting LUNA AWARDS. And as our form of respect to your hard work and passion for making these beautiful films, we want to give you an evening that is worth your time, an event where you can relax, enjoy and reunite with our peers in the industry. I believe this is the spirit of events like these.

“Thank you to our PRESENTERS.

“It was surreal to see the country’s best of the best in front and behind the camera participate as presenters last night. Respected artists and workers from their respective fields, people I admire and look up to, handing over awards to their peers, was quite an experience. You fulfilled my dream — Salamat po.

“Thank you to our ELECTORAL COLLEGE– citers, nominators and voters.

“Countless texts and email exchanges, taking time off from your work, and making time to watch so many films, saludo ako sa commitment ninyo at nagpapasalamat ako sa suporta ninyo. I have so much respect for each one of you who said yes and contributed to this whole process. I can assure you it has not been in vain — Sana proud din kayo.

“Thank you to our official tabulator, SGV.

“This is the first for FDCP to facilitate the voting system of LUNA AWARDS. Seventy-eight members in the electoral college and a complicated voting process with citers, nominators, and voters as participants. Thank you for being patient with us and for all the guidance to make sure that the tabulation is accomplished with transparency and accuracy.


“I hope you enjoyed the tribute we made in honor of your invaluable contribution to the Philippine Film Industry. To see luminaries, legends, and icons of Philippine cinema go onstage as part of the show itself was a beautiful reminder of how rich and diverse the history of this industry is.

“Thank you to our PERFORMERS.

“Last night was a showcase of excellence not just from our filmmakers but from our performers as well. To Lara Maigue, Sheila Valderrama with Dan Cabrera and the dance royalties, Frenchie Dy, Gian Magdangal, and THE COMPANY, what you have shared with us was indeed World-class. Sa uulitin!

Luna Awards (22)

“Thank you to our host, JON SANTOS.

“We aspired last night’s event to be like THE OSCARS, where the host is key in keeping the show alive and kicking. Thank you for saying YES. You kept us all on our feet, engaged, focused, and laughing in between. Grabe kuya Jon, kudos to you!!!

“Thank you to the members of the PRESS.

“Walang indistriya kung wala kayo. Thank you for your unwavering support. You are the ones who continue to create relevance between the audience with the industry. Wag kayo magsawa, please.

“Thank you to our GUESTS.

“FDCP organized events always aspire to be a night of get together with artists/filmmakers from the various fields of the industry, which I feel should also be spirit last night’s Luna Awards. Thank you for being one with us and joining us in this celebration of excellence among our peers.

“Thank you to our show’s PRODUCTION TEAM.

“We nailed it! Thank you for believing in the vision. This industry deserves nothing less than the best that we can offer, and I’m happy that we all contributed to give them a show worth remembering. Individual thank you’s to follow, but please know from the bottom of my heart, I am grateful. Ramdam ko rin ang puso nyo each time. Lucky to be surrounded by such talented and selfless individuals.

“Thank you to fashion designer GIL GRANADO

“The gown you made me wear tonight fits right into the theme of this year’s event. Simple but Ethereal. I felt like I was Elsa of Frozen, ready to sing Let it Go. Haha. Minsan lang ako mag gown na hindi off the rack, grabe ganon pala yun. Thank you for making me feel pretty. Hindi nahalata ang stress.

“Thank you to my FDCP FAMILY.

“You are my rock and my strength and the reason why FDCP can fulfill its vision to be of service to the industry. You’ve given so much of yourselves. Your time. Your artistry. Your commitment. Know that this is all worth it because the industry we serve appreciates what you do. I know it’s tough. I wish I can give you more. We are working towards that. But for those of you who persevere despite of, THANK YOU. I will always strive to make this worthwhile for you.

“Thank you to our PFESO ED, DAVE FABROS.

“A lot of lifelong lessons in handling this year’s LUNA. It was an opportunity to learn more about each other as colleagues, as allies, and I hope through this, you understand how much high regard FDCP puts in integrity and accountability. Thank you for aligning in this vision and for taking it all in. Than
Thank you to our PFESO ED, DAVE FABROS.

“A lot of lifelong lessons in handling this year’s LUNA. It was an opportunity to learn more about each other as colleagues, as allies, and I hope through this, you understand how much high regard FDCP puts in integrity and accountability. Thank you for aligning in this vision and for taking it all in. Thank you for your patience and understanding. I hope you see the value of why we do what we have to do to live up to this mission.

Luna Awards (24)

“Thank you to our GOVERNMENT PARTNERS.

“FDCP will not be able to serve the film industry and address their various needs and concerns if not for your support. Our foreign embassy partners who have been our bridge to promote Philippine cinema as we also promote your culture here in our country. Thank you for being there. Our allies in government, especially QC Mayor Joy Belmonte, DTI (Usec. Barba and AD Anthony Rivera), and DOT (Asec. Howard Uyking) for this beautiful partnership to push the audiovisual industry forward, thank you for the initiatives to support FDCPs vision.


“This Sine Sandaan Special Edition of Luna was a shared vision between us to RE-engage the entire industry to support the only PEER AWARDS in the country. It aims to be more open where different sectors from the film industry, regardless of their affiliation, get to cite, nominate, or vote for their colleagues who have shown exemplary work through their films. Last night, we achieved that.


“For entrusting us to organize and host this year’s Awards Night. It was a joy for us to be able to make this event not just memorable for our nominees and winners but a platform to call for unity among the film workers of this industry — all the best to you for the 38th LUNA AWARDS.

“To my daughter AMARA.

“For being adult enough to listen to mommy’s frustration. For allowing me to vent and for being patient enough to understand when mommy can’t come home on time. You keep me sane. And functioning because you understand me despite my pagkukulang to you.

Luna Awards (23)

“And lastly, to my hubby ICE.

“Ayan, makakatulog ka na. Hindi ko alam kung pano magsisimula, alam ko lang I won’t be able to do all of this without you. You brought your heart and soul in mounting the LUNA AWARDS. Your level of aesthetics, artistry, high regard for excellence was what made LUNA the event that it was. Thank you for giving life to the vision we want for LUNA. And all for what? Hugs and kisses and a promise na hindi na kita aawayin forever. Hahaha! I love you so much, love.

“And to everyone else who supported esp the fans and our audiences, maraming maraming salamat sa tiwala at pagtangkilik sa pelikulang Pilipino! Back to regular programming na kami, but this was a one of a kind experience. Keep on supporting LUNA! #37THFAPLUNAAWARDS #LUNAAWARDS2019 #SINESANDAAN #FDCP.”

THE newly appointed Director General Vivian Velez was nowhere to be found. After the awards have been given people said that VV called in sick.

But others do not want to believe that that is the reason.

Nora Aunor was early at the event but had to leave because of her asthma attack.

Chito Roño left earlier to be with Morher Lily Monteverde who was honored in a Lifetime Achievement. Christian Bables accepted the award on Direk Chito’s behalf.

Congratulations to all the winners and to Chair Liza and the people who moved to keep the awards smooth-sailing!

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