Get to Know a Balladeer: Reymond Sajor!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

SINGER-songwriter Reymond Sajor makes major comeback via Indonesian talent search, and releases new single soon!

“Rewarding!” That’s how multislashie Reymond Sajor captured in one word his whole experience in Indonesia’s Golden Memories Asia.

The singer-songwriter-theater actor who first gained popularity as a Philippine Idol grand finalist in 2006 just got back from Jakarta after finishing off as the Top 6 finalist in the Indonesian talent search.

“Golden Memories Asia is a talent search in Indonesia and it’s their first time to invite people from different countries to participate. They already had two seasons in the past but were only participated in by Indonesian residents,” Reymond shared.

Reymond Sajor (3)

How was he able to step on that stage?

“I auditioned here in the Philippines. My 5thGen group mate, RJ Buena, was the one who told me about it. It’s a competition but only singers from 30 years old and above can join. The songs should be from the year 1970-2000 and should be famous in Indonesia – that’s why they call the competition Golden Memories. We started out as Top 24 contestants. Then as the competition progressed, the number was reduced to Top 20, then Top 16, then Top 12, then Top 9, then Top 6, then Top 4, then Top 3. From the Top 3 would be chosen the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.”

Influenced by OPM icons Gary Valenciano, Martin Nievera, Ariel Rivera, and Ogie Alcasid while growing up, Reymond made a mark as a balladeer. Performing songs from the same genre, he was recently a part of the award-winning vocal group 5thGen with other members Marielle Mamaclay, Lady Onnagan, and RJ Buena. These members are world champions and multi-medalists from the international talent competition called World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA).

Reymond Sajor (2)

A year after his stint in the first idol franchise in the country, Reymond came home as the 2007 WCOPA Grand Champion Vocalist of the World. The competition was held in Hollywood.

How was the experience in his Philippine Idol stin? How did it help him in his singing career?

“From that experience I learned to be positive all the time, forget the past so that new and great things will come to you. I also learned that it’s good to lift everything up to God but not to ever forget to do your part, too. You have to do your best all the time and value all the people who are supporting you.”

When it comes to support, there is so much love for the singer-songwriter. His fanbase has definitely extended overseas.

Reymond had a meet-and-greet gathering with his Indonesian fans before heading home.

He shared, “Yes, I had a meet and greet with my supporters there and it was really unexpected! They’re really sweet and once they like you, they will be loyal to you. It went very well and I really had a great time with all of them. It was a very overwhelming and touching experience because they were all crying. They wanted me to stay and have a career there.”

What was the Indonesian market like?

Reymond retorted, “It’s all because of Golden Memories Asia. The moment they announced that I was going to be a participant, I already started getting support from the Indonesians even if I haven’t arrived there yet.”

Reymond Sajor (1)

His stay in Indonesia was short but definitely sweet as he was able to create memories and experience career milestones. One of which is Reymond’s encounter with big-time Indonesian celebrity Soimah Pancawati. He recently paid tribute to the star in an Instagram post.

Reymond shared, “Soimah is a big star in Indonesia. She’s the female version of Vice Ganda. She’s very funny and entertaining and she’s the reason why I had so much fun onstage. She’s also the reason why Indonesians welcomed RJ and me very warmly. I will never forget the mini teleserye or what they call sinetron onstage. That was the first time I had to do some acting on a live television show. Those experiences really taught me a lot of things as a performer.” His words are fueled by excitement, gratitude, and joy.”

With numerous awards, albums, and local and international gigs under his belt, it’s no surprise Reymond is cooking up something new again for his audience. He revealed, “I’ll be releasing my new single and this one is really pop and a new type of music for me. I will also be doing a music video for that song. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past months. I already recorded my two original compositions.”

While he’s under contract with Ivory Records for distribution, Reymond keeps his collaboration dreams alive. He wishes to work with Regine Velasquez, Gary Valenciano, Anne Curtis, Vice Ganda, or Gloc-9.

Time to get to know and hear him!

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