The New Kid on the Block is Amazing!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS
BY: Pilar Mateo

Guerrero Dos (4)

AND THE story of the Guerrero Family continues.

In Guerrero Dos, the ups and downs of life continue.

After the brother Ramon, gets into a coma after tragically getting knocked in a boxing match, Miguel gets into realizing several facts of life, as his world turns.

And the fight for life continues. Tuloy ang Laban!

After its successful advance screening at the INC Museum, Julio Sabenorio, who gives life to Miguel gets most of the accolades.

People are interested as to how Julio gives life to such a heavy character.

“Hindi naman po ako nagiisip ng mga nangyayari sa buhay ko. Basta inilalagay ko lang ang sarili ko sa katauhan niya. ‘Yung hugot po hindi ko naman maisip kahit pa sa tunay na buhay talagang meron na akong dinadala. Dahil galing po ako sa broken family.”

But Julio has been gifted as in the first Guerrero he already got his PMPC Star Awards as Best Child Actor in 2017.

Julio wowed the audience again with the scenes he shared with veteran actor Art de Guzman, Mia Suarez and Victor Neri.

People are one in saying that at this stage in his career, Julio should already be in the league of showbiz’ next important stars. In the mainstream. Because of the talent he has.

Guerrero Dos is the third film venture of EBC Films in the production of inspirational movies. Once again, director Carlo Ortega Cuevas weaves a tapestry that will be admired not just by his kababayans but people from all over the world as he continues the journey to the different festivals in London, Indonesia, Amsterdam, Mumbai, Los Angeles and Manhattan.

As EBC Films Big Boss Robert Capistrano would say, “It is the mission of EBC Films to provide quality, entertaining films that teach moral values and inspire people to do what is. We all face our own struggles in our daily lives. Of not giving up nor surrender.”

This November, let Julio as Miguel knock on the doors of your hearts as he shares the struggles he faces in the non-stop waiting for his brother to wake up. As he touches the lives of the people by bringing joy and smiles to all he meets.


Nur Misuari (1)

WHAT is a birthday made of?

A fun birthday came and I had to spend it with friends in the beautiful island of Samal and Davao, way down South.

Part of the treat was a meeting of the minds for new concepts for new shows. For new platforms.

In the trip were producer Rica Nazario; eventologist, PR and publisher Ana Manansala, lawyer Eugene Riego and actor (of “Sandugo”) JC Tan.

Mama Rica (who gave the birthday trip to me), as she is fondly called have blood relations with one of the considered powerful man that side of the nation, the Nur Misuari of the MNLF (Moro National Liberation Front). That was a surprise. To bring me and our companions to his house.

To be welcomed in his home, to hear stories and nuggets of wisdom about so many things, hearing first hand the things he will include in a book he is writing, it was such a blessing. It was just like we visited an Uncle and talked for hours and hours.

One of the take away given to us, which we pondered on is man’s passing in this world.

As he said, “Walang nauuna at nahuhuli. If it’s your time to go, you cannot change that. That is why while here, we should do more of the good things in our lives.” Where that came from is truly a remarkable kwento of the leader.

That moment, a report was given to him that someone has been using the name of the group to charge people for their uniforms and IDs and makes people believe that the order was from the Nur himself.

When it comes to money, the Nur was vehement in saying that something like that will never be tolerated under his wings. He won’y allow people to mar his and the organization’s good name.

It was just like listening to an elderly, your Uncle even your Father as he shares stories in most of his day-to-day activities. We had a great night and we felt we needed to listen more to him.

Nur Misuari (4)

The next morning, something that could have changed the course of our lives happened. As a 6.4 earthquake hit the whole of Mindanao.

As the table was moving, cups and saucers and plates jangling with the movement, you remember the Nur’s words. If it’s your time to go, you can not change that.

And uttering prayers and not being panicky helped. More aftershocks were felt. But as we spent our final day in Davao, there was so much prayers of thanks as I celebrated the day of my birth, my 60th year of existence.

What comes after is the inevitable. And for me, I leave it and lift it all up to Him.

Maayong buntag!

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