The Day Has Come! Will “Culion” Complete MMFF’s Magic 8?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

THE three men of the movie, “Culion” spent a lovely evening with some members of the media and shared bits and pieces of themselves in fun-filled ways of interviews.

The actor of great caliber Joem Bascon; the controversy magnet Nico Fowler and more popularly known as Nico Locco the Foreignoy; and Mike Liwag, Mr. Flex.

Controversial questions were thrown at them as they picked the roll of papers with their questions.

Joem said no video of himself will get circulated. He is 101 % sure of that. As Iza Calzado‘s Kanor in the film, Joem hopes that the movie can be part of this Christmas Season’s festival.

culion boys (1)

Mike and Nico will be part of Jasmine Curtis-Smith‘s story.

Mike had the chance to bond with Jasmine during the first days of their stay in Culion, Palawan.

“Nag-island hopping kami and explored Culion. Got to know the people residing there. Acquainted ourselves sa ikot ng buhay nila. Nung first day kasi, talagang hindi pa kami nagu-usap ng bale leading lady ko. Conscious ako na baka naman kasi ayaw muna niya.”

For Nico, “I really want to be a kontrabida. And I am just so thankful to Shandii (Bacolod), Ma’am Gilie and Sir Peter (Sing) for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this big project. Maginoo pero medyo bastos.”

Nico has had his share of controversy. Has he changed his mind about loving and being committed or in relationship?

“For the now, hindi muna po. After getting so much bashing, be called “womanizer”. The next time I fall in love, not from showbiz na. It gave me so much exposure but not the way I expected it to be. Masakit. Yeah, I regretted it. Mahal ko. An I miss her. And you know you cannot replace love, just like that.”

culion boys (3)

Of the three, Mike seems to be the most behaved one.

“Hindi ako kasi nagsasabay-sabay ng kahit dating lang. Kaya I won’t be accused of cheating.”

They have had their own share of embarrassing moments and situations.

Mike promoted himself believing that he is part of a project only to know later on that he got nixed.

The Foreignoy who joined a reality show on national TV, in “Eat…Bulaga!” greeted the audience with “Hello, Madlang Pipol”, which is the “welcome cry” of the audience in the rival network.

Joem’s ordeal after his “Double Twisting, Double Back” journey. Where he said “Nawala ako doon talaga. Good thing that gave me very good recognition.”

The three actors are one in saying that it’s not easy getting into a character and even harder to get out of it.

So far, the now being made controversial “Culion” seems to be their most memorable.

Said Joem, “Whatever happens pumasok o hindi man siya makasama sa Magic 8, alam namin na this is one movie that will create a great impact to the audience once they watch it. ‘Yung maging bahagi ka ng isang proyekto na may aim na maganda, in his case, breaking the stigma of Hansen’s Disease that get on the island eh napakalaking bagay. ‘Yun ang hinahabol dito. Dahil pampamiya ang mensahe nito. Universal Love.”

Nico’s take. “That slogan of our movie of love being contagious, nakahahawa is something to reckon with. When we did the project, it made me realize so many things in life. In my life. That’s what “Culion” wants to share.”

Mike did not know anything about Culion and even the dreaded disease.

“Doon mismo, doon ko nakita kung ano ang isla, paano ang naging buhay nila, saan nagmula at nagtatapos at sinu-sino sila. Nakilala namin. Naging kami. At kami ang kwento ng “Culion”.

Fate will dictate the path that “Culion” will take.

Today, may the odds and the Force favor the good will tat Rick Lee’s script shares, the beauty of Neil Daza’s cinematography capturing each and every moment and sentiment of each and every character and Direk Alvin Yapan’s tapestry of metaphors in the life of the lepers pf the past. And how the present has embraced the past for what is to come in the future.

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