A Sub-Zero Love Affair!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

NUUK” is the movie that will bring back together Aga Muhlach and Alice Dixson.

Nuuk is a place. The capital of Greenland. Said to be one of the least inhabited areas in the world.

Why? This country has the record of having the highest rate of suicide in the world, with speculations that it’s because of the cold weather or its isolation from other countries. The real reason why suicide often occurs in the country is still unknown.

“Nuuk” is the first Gilipino movie shot in Greenland. It was produced in cooperation withthe Embassy of the Kingdom of Denmark, the one who governs over Greenland.

It is directed by the same director of the heart-breaking romantic-comedy set in Iceland “Through Night and Day” (2018), starring Paolo Contis and Alessandra de Rossi, FAMAS and Gawad Urian nominee Veronica ‘Roni’ Velasco.

A very interesting and intriguing story, a psycho-thriller produced by Viva Films will play with your mind and make things around you seem too good to be true starting November 6, 2019.

And reuniting after 3 decades in the industry are two of the country’s most admired actors.

Though it cannot be denied that they reall6 had a gruelling task when they shot 80 per cent of the movie in Nuuk, Aga and Alice were able to give life to their characters.

“Bed scenes? Intimate yes. It was tender, passionate, may longing, raw emotions. Ano suot ni Aga sa ilalim ng sheet? Maganda katawan ni Aga nung time that we shot this. Pero sabi niya kung kelan ang ganda ng katawan niya, nakatago naman.”

And for Aga, “Hindi ako gagawa ng role na hindi ko kaya o hindi bagay sa ‘kin. Nasa istorya talaga! Magugulat na lang kayo sa mga characters namin sa movie.”

Alice was asked if there is a difference now that she’s a Golden Girl.

“Who you are as a person will always be the same. Hindi naman na magbabago ‘yun.”

Were they able to experience the Aurora Borealis?

“I guess not meant to be. After traveling with three layovers, na parang 24 hours na, I opted to sleep na lang. So ang mga kasama ko saw it. Eh, nung magiging na ako, I tried looking up sa data that Scientists use when is te best time to see it. Yung madalin araw. Madilim. Labas kami. Ako nag-drive. Wala talaga. So, pauwi na kami nung tumingin kami sa sky, meron lang glimmer. So, that’s it!”

Aga said he might have seen it in his past travels already.

“Hindi kasi ‘yun ang nasa isip ko. Sa work ako naka-focus. I think have seen it na in the past. Pero wala sa isip ko.”

Get the feels of two lonely people wanting to fill the void in their hearts. Dark, cold, mysterious. Will they be spared from its tender traps?


SHAME and scandal in the family!

Been hearing the story of an actor who has for the longest time started to be a pain in the ass and even neck of his family, most especially of his Mommy dearest.

The actor has been allegedly taking advantage of his Mom’s innocence and age by manipulating important decisions and making her sign documents using her name and putting her in problematic situations.

It all boils down to money. Of him getting a fat share of his Mom’s money and telling her and making it appear that she no longer has it.

In the days to come, stories will come out as they will be pitting against each other with the court cases that will ensue!

Very much alive. But the matriarch seems to be bastardized by her son!

What a shameful act!

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