John Lloyd Cruz is Back!

pilar mateo sni The “P” Talks!
BY: Pilar Mateo

IT took producer Shandii Bacolod and Executive Producers Peter and Gilie Sing to convince actor in hiatus John Lloyd Cruz to accept a very important role in “Culion“.

The movie stars Iza Calzado, Meryll Soriano, Jasmine Curtis-Smith with Joem Bascon and Mike Liwag.

At the Teaser/Trailer launch for the campaign ad, everyone was shocked in a very happy way when at the end of the clip, a bearded man doffed his salakot and voila! A teary-eyed JLC appeared.

Shrieks! Clapping. And just totally fangirling for me!

Shandii and her producers including Iza who’s an investor in the project, already submitted the story and everything to MMFF 2019 (Metro Manila Film Festival) and hoping and praying and keeping their fingers crossed in all ways that it be chosen and become part of the Magic 8 in December.

Most everyone is convinced that it deserves to have a slot in the festival with its plot-a story on how it can #breakthestigma of the Culion we once knew.

With the genius script of Ricky Lee, according to direk Alvin Yapan, the germ of the story came from Ricky’s idea of a girl reading a letter. Her life in the letter. Her story. The life she led as a person with Hansen’s Disease. Hope in the time of War and Sickness.

We were witness first-hand to some of the shoots that took place in the once dreaded island called Culion. It’s history unfolded before our very eyes with the scenes captured in the early days and placed in a Museum. It was heartbreaking. Scenes which will be depicted in the movie as the story of three friends unfold.

Anna, Ditas and Doris. The men. The children. The place.

culion 6.jpg

Shandii also unveiled the posters where some of the cast were featured with the kalachuchi flowers as focal point.

It was a very successful launch which only #TeamMSB can muster!

If it does not make it to the Magic 8, Shandiie and iOptions are ready with their plans B and C.

“This has to be shown here and internationally. The distribution plans have been laid out. Para umikot din in several countries. We have the perfect cast. And perfect story. Ricky Lee. Neil Daza. Alvin Yapan and a formidable cast. Hanggang sa pinaka-maliit na role. Wala ka itulak-kabigin sa huhusay. And we are helping the Culion Kalinangan Ensemble na nasa movie. Naka-focus na rin ang Culion to go globally, opening its doors to our local and international tourists. Maganda ang intention ng pelikula. Kaya we are really praying, hoping and wishing na maging bahagi ito ng mapapanood ng mga tao this Christmas season. Magandang regalo para sa buong pamilya.”

Because it was written by a genius, who’s behind the critically acclaimed movie and now musical “Himala”, the lines and dialogues here are quotable and memorable, too.

From Iza’s Anna character to Joem’s Kanor, “Sipingan mo ako ng paulit-ulit…” to the members of the cast’ different lines dabbling in Ilocano, Pampango, Boholano, even spanish and French, “Culion” will be a very memorable movie. One for the books. The very story that will #breakthestigma it has carried for decades.

A lot to be remembered. Its History. The culture. The Island. Its Mystery. Its Beauty!

#CulionforMMFF2019 #Culion #TeamMSB #BreakTheStigma

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