Ogie Alcasid with Tawag ng Tanghalan Hurados in ‘Ogie and the Hurados’

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AFTER sharing the stage with National Artist for Music Mr. Ryan Cayabyab in February this year, Resorts World Manila (RWM) is once again proud to present Mr. Ogie Alcasid onstage its award-winning Newport Performing Arts Theater together with a roster of the most iconic and recognizable figures in “It’s Showtime‘s” reality talent search “Tawag ng Tanghalan” in “Ogie and the Hurados” on October 10, 2019.

A musical salvo featuring one of the best balladeers in the country together with some of the most respected personalities in the local music industry.

For the one night only concert, his special guests will include The Divine Diva Zsa Zsa Padilla, Randy Santiago, Queen Momshie Karla Estrada, Karylle, K Brosas, Jed Madela and Rey Valera.

Why they deserve to be called Hurados will be showcased in the concert.

“Very close na ang samahan namin sa “TNT” of “It’s Showtime” kaya jam na kamingnlahat when it comes sa mga kanta, katuwaan, kalokohan. And through the show, nahlaroon na kami ng aming branding. So, I pitched the project sa ABS-CBN.”

ogie alcasid (2)

In spite of being “kilala” who gets to be invited in every event, Ogie prefers to be the stay at home husband and dad.

“Wala kasi makakasama si Nate. And when it comes to my kids, am what you may call as hands on. Du’n sa dalawang girls, I het to talk and spend time with them. Leila is here
22 na siya. Mag boyfriend na. In my last visit kay Sarah in Australia, who turned 17 naman, I gifted her naman with a car. Kahit malapit naman ang school niya sa house nina Michelle (Van Eimeren), in terms of mileage eh may kalayuan pa rin. So, naga-aral siya mag-drive to get her license na mahabang process din on how to be a disciplined driver. She’s got an Australian boyfriend.

“Haha! Lagot ako. Pero as a parent naman, okay lang din naman i-share na. It was not a shock to me naman na when I was told about it. Very popular naman siya sa school nila. Am not surprised naman na. That’s how you get to know them. Maski kay Leila koon sa first boyfriend niya, nagga-guide lang kami nj Michelle. Her boyfriend now is also a musicisn, si Curtiss Smith. Having a boyfriend sa mga anak ko is not such a big deal. Support lang kami sa kanila.

“With Nate naman, si Regine (Velasquez) teaches him how to be a gentleman, how to respect especially women. Wala namang kailangang i-sugar coat pa when it comes to that. Anuman angn pagdaanan, a heartbreak is a heartbreak.”

Are their hearts ever broken when bashers cross the line in giving their opinions and sentiments as far as their being a Hurado is concerned?

“They will say what they want to say. It’s a.myriad of opinions. Syempre, you can’t help it to be attached to your manok. If you feel you’ve been unjustly treated, we understand that. We judged in good faith. Kung ‘yun naman ang trip nila, it’ not an exercise in futility. Mapapagod ka lang. We move on. We go on. It’s always a day-to-day basis. It takes so much heart to take all of that. At the end of the day, it is the credibility of the show which is at stake.”

ogie alcasid (1)

How are they going to judge Mariko Ledesma a transwoman who has a very good male singing voice?

“Babae ang looks niya. Powerful ang voice. ‘Yun ang titingnan at pakikinggan namin sa kanya. Sabi nga the overall package. 6 or 8 sila maglalaban sa grand finals.”

In the movie industry, a Liza Diño Seguerra tries her best through her indefatigable efforts to save and help the filmmakers.
As present President of the OPM, is he alsi doing the same efforts in as far as musicians are concerned?

“Wala kaming pera, eh. Pero ang efforts namun are in the projects and shows we so to help our members. We have concerts. We do little projects. And the OPM naman is under the PARI arm.”

Ogie’s craft as an actor was recognized when he did “Kuya Wes”. And he was very happy to tell us that he will be doing an “MMK” (Maalaala Mo Kaya) project soon.

The life of a clown.

In the concert, a segment will be dedicated to one funny Hurado who passed away-the Rico J. Puno.

“Naaalala ko nung bata ako, kinakanta ko na ang songs niya kasi favorite ‘yun ng tatay (Herminio, Sr.) ko. Kaya nasa subconscious ko na talaga si Koriks.”

Ogie still dreams of collaborating with the younger set of musicians. And to turn his songs into a musical which he said is already in the pipeline.

It’s gonna be one great date with Ogie and the Hurados in October 10, 2019 with Nikko Rivera as musical director and Paolo Bustamante directs.

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