Will “Damaso: The Musical” be part of MMFF line-up?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo


EDITH FIDER’S “Damaso: The Musical” directed by Joven Tan has wrapped up its shoot in Taal, Batangas; Pila, Laguna; and Boso-Boso in Tanay.

Direk Armand Reyes helped in looking for the artists that will match the characters from the “Noli Me Tangere” book of our national hero Jose Rizal.

Arnell Ignacio plays the plum part as Padre Damaso with Bida Man winner Jin Macapagal as Crisostomo Ibarra and Riva Quenery as Maria Clara. Also performing meaty roles are Lou Veloso, Carmi Martin, Vina Morales, Ariel Rivera, Noel Comia, Arlene Muhlach, Menggie Cobarrubias, Archi Adamos, Biboy Ramirez, Simon Ibarra, Ian de Leon, Luke Conde, Michael Flores, Mon Confiado, Leo Martinez, Pinky Amador and a lot more.

Will this be part of 2019’s MMFF?

Powerful voices and outstanding performances are in store from the libretto of the director himself.

A musical-within-a-film, DAMASO is a commentary on present Philippine situation in the Government (and the film industry) which is not any different from the time when Filipinos were abused by the Spanish Clergy and the Spanish Government.

Star-crossed lovers CRISOSTOMO IBARRA and MARIA CLARA are torn between their love for family and country.

Maria Clara’s biological father PADRE DAMASO makes the situation worse due to hostility that dates back to the time when the Friar (Damaso) had a spat with Ibarra’s father Don Rafael Ibarra.

In this musical take on the book, the unhappiness also befalls on present generation of filmmakers/artists who experience a variant of exploitation in this “endangered/dying” entertainment business.

Abangan na this!


ALDEN RICHARDS once again lights the primetime slot of GMA Network with “The Gift” starting September 16, 2019.

The Asia’s Multi-Media star will be joined by a formidable cast with Jean Garcia, Elizabeth Oropesa, Christian Vasquez, Martin del Rosario, Betong Sumaya, Ysabel Ortega, Rochelle Pangilinan, Tetay, Luz Valdez, Mikoy Morales, Victor Anastaxio, Mikee Quintos, Jo Berry, Thia Thomalla and TJ Trinidad from the direction of LA Madridejos.

Alden plays the street-smart and high-spirited son, a visually-impaired vendor in Divisoria who will be blessed with the GIFT to perceive past and future events.

Alden shared that he underwent an immersion with the visually impaired people to fully understand their culture.

“Nag-interview ako sa kanila. I talked to them. And marami akong natutunan at na-realize sa buhay ko now. Mahirap mawalan ng paningin. Dito mas maiin5indihan natin sila.”

Alden has a new leading lady here in Thia.

And Thia admits that she’s honored to be given such an opportunity. And mund you, she’s ready to be bashed.

“Part na rin naman ‘ata ng buhay ng nasa showbiz ang bashers. Yung iba may point naman to consider. Yungiba hiwag na lang pansinin. But yes, I am ready.”

Will Sep’s situation or condition be a blessing or a.curse.

Created by the GMA Drama Group, a glimmer of hope will shine through in the midst of darkness in this inspirational drama.

And it’s Alden’s moment to shine once more!

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