Javi is Having the Time of his Life!

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

Javi Benitez shoot (5).jpg

SEVERAL months ago, together with other hopefuls to make it in the entertainment industry, Javi Benitez was presented as part of the new batch of Star Magic.

The six footer was already a head turner!

He was introduced as someone who was a Political Science and Computer Science graduate who was gearing towards a different path. Though his Dad was former Negros Occidental 3rd District Representative (Albie), Javi said that it’s in showbiz where he wants to focus his attention.

He actually left the corporate world to give in to his dream of becoming an actor.

Javi Benitez shoot (4)

With a string of acting workshops which has placed the stamp of approval as far as acting skills are concerned, the next venue was to train for the action movie called “Kid Alpha One”, directed by Richard Somes.

And on an afternoon that typhoon Liwayway was cruising the path we were heading to Tanay’s EPIC PARC (ECOLOGICAL PLAYGROUND INTEGRATED COMMUNE FOR PRAYER ADVENTURE RECREATION AND CULTURE) Rainforest Camping Grounds, for our set visit, we were met by Javi and the rest of the cast and crew.

After a hearty lunch, direk Richard, Javi and his personally picked leading lady Sue Ramirez, shared with us its story and how their working relationship flourished.

“We are shooting the finale today. But we’ve been shooting for over five months na. Nagsimula kami sa Negros. Also in a rainforest there. Death-defying scenes na ayaw nila gumamit ng stunt doubles.

“When I was asked by our producer to submit stories, eto ‘yung ibinigay ko. An action-packed story. Hindi ko naman ma-fathom ang excitement ko nung makilala ko ang magiging mga bida ko.”

Javi Benitez shoot (1)

The process to get his alpha male star was easy for direk Richard. He just asked Javi to watch films of James Dean, Marlon Brando and other Hollywood actors. Then, see footages about martial arts, knives, guns to see their expertise. And now we transformed him. And it is important for my actors to blend together.

“Kay Sue naman, I was frightenes na baka ma-overwhelm ako sa presence niya. She came to the right place and the right time. She stood out here on her own.”

Not to missed questions to ask the stars is that of the sexy scenes.

Direk just described it in one wors: HOT!

The characters are military experts operatives. Sue is a veterinary. How their paths crossed is one story that holds the film together.

Javi had a bullet in his brain. Will he end his life or change his brain? Direk said, in Science it is called Acquired Savant Syndrome.

“There is a case in Canada. Na ganoon affected ang brain. Na -damagr and when the patient woke up, who was a construction worker, biglang ang husay niya nakapag-play ng piano. Nagkaroon ng enlargement sa brain niya. So here, sa story ni Javi, he was used as a killing machine. The operatives trained him but planned to shut him off.”

Sue is excited with her role.

“I get to do action scenes din here. Na pangarap ko naman na rin dati. Akala ko nga sa “Ang Probinsyano” mangyayari. Namatay lang ako dun.”

Flattered to know that she’s the only choice of Javi, “Naku, magrereklamo pa ba ako. Nakakahiya naman. I will just do my best!”

And their lips were sealed with kissed in a lot of scenes.

Javi’s kiss was glamorous!

Sue’s was fabulous!

In the cast are Joross Gamboa, Karla Humphries, Jeff Tam, and Ian Taylor. And a lot more! Each with their death defying stunts in the scenes.

Javi is one to watch out for.

Determined. Devoted. Disciplined.


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