“Watch Me Kill” – Much Awaited to Make a Killing in PPP!”

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

By: Pilar Mateo

Watch me kill (5)

TYRONE ACIERTO was born and raises in the Philippines.

He graduated from Columbia College Chicago with an outstanding academic record. After directing five successful short films, he decided to make his first feature film debut, “The Grave Bandits” (an adventure-comedy-zombie movie).

In spite of its small budget, the film was sold in four territories following its nationwide theatrical release in Asia.

“The Grave Bandits” garnered multiple awards world-wide.

Tyrone Acierto received awards for the film including “Best Director” and “Best Feature Film” in the New Wave film category of the MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) 2012. The film also premiered at Marche Du Cannes at the Cannes Film Market.

Direk Tye is embarking on a new project to be part of the 3rd PPP (Pista ng Pelikulang Pilipino from September 13-19, 2019). It is an action-packed psychological drama featuring one of cinedom’s fiercest actress-Jean Garcia! It is “Watch Me Kill!” (Life is Precious. Never Kill For Free.)

For the project, originally, he wanted a male lead in the cast. But his creation of Luciana, matched Direk Tye’s vision to come up with a project that will keep the viewing public glued to it come PPP season.

His vision.

“My longtime collaborator, friend cinematographer Martin (Marcin) Szocinski helped to catapult my vision. He expresses his valuable opinions on just about every element that can be seen on the camera’s viewfinder. There’s a certain texture that cannot be duplicated when shooting film versus digital. Our test shoot revealed this when we compared the result side by side. We made the decision to shoot the whole film on super 16mm primarily because the texture we so wanted to exalt is heightened with the use of actual film negative.

“The composition of each shots are carefully considered. We leaned more towards efficiency of a single long take as opposed to multiple angles of coverage. Scenes are not quickly disrupted by the unnecessary cut. I allowed the pressure of time to build up to its zenith. This technique, perfected by the great film director Andrei Tarkovsky, has allowed me to unveil the characters’ weakness, strength, fear and motivation.

“I encouraged improvisation in dialogue to heighten the actor’s performance, giving the actors the liberty and full control of the character’s voice. This approach yielded an honest, raw and captivating portrayal of the characters beyond what I envisioned.”

Jean fell in love with the script. And just enjoyed wallowing in the challenges she had to face in filming.

“I was awed sa collaboration nila ni Martin, our DOP. Ang rehearsal namin would take the whole day for a 5 minutes scene. We’ll start ng madaling araw. And ang eksena’ng kukunan eh, tuhog. Minsan lang kami nag-take two at hindi pa namin fault. Dahil lang sa battery. Kaya, gustu’ng-gusto ko at excited na mai-share na namin sa publiko ang pelikula. All the shots are postcard perfect.

“Nung una na it was offered to me, isa lang ang ni-request ko kina Direk Tye. Na makapag-train ako na humawak at bumaril. Kasi, I had to know how to use a machine gun, ng Gloc, armalite and pistol. And I am thankful to Raymart (Santiago) kasi, sila ng mga kasama niya sa Krav Maga ang nag-train sa akin so I would be effective sa mga fight scenes ko.”

Watch me kill (1)Watch me kill (10)

A different Jean in a different light. But if a May-December story would have been offered to her first, would she have accepted it?

“It all depends if it’s a good script. Magagawa ko naman.”

She will be working with Alden Richards in her next project. As his mother. Would she be willing to have it any other way? Sharing a love scene perhaps?

She blushed. And she laughed. And didn’t entertain the “tuksuhan” from the press.

Sharing the scenes with Jean are Junyka Santarin, Jay Manalo, Althea Vega, Bodjie Pascua and Rofolfo Muyuela.

Direk Tye, who is married to Polish Barbara and has a daugter Arya, can even pass for an actor with his good looks.

“I’ve got nothing but admiration for my actors who endured so many rehearsals and aspired, with me, to reach the oftentimes unattainable goals during the production. Their versatility and their willingness to participate made this film happen. Thank you Pilar Mateo for the question. 😉”

“Watch Me Kill” is about a ruthless assassin’s plan which gets interrupted when she discovers that the man she needs to kill has more to hide than expected. Her life unravels as she must juggle her new priorities with her inner demons. Set in a world where violence rules over virtue, she must face the hardest reality-is she the real danger or the monsters that control the criminal underworld?

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