Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr.: Through the Years

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

FOR THE initial telecast of Helen Vela’s “Lovingly Yours, Helen” in December of 1987, the people of the Philippines witnessed a very heartwarming story of star-crossed lovers portrayed by Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr.

Ariosto then, who started young was doing the acting bit both in the movies and TV and occasionally in the theater. Vivian had a flourishing acting career as well.

There was great clamor in the story sent to LYH that it was included in the film version of the best stories of LYH in its anniversary.

Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr (2)
Ariosto and Vivian then and now

Fast forward to now.

The two continued to be my good friends even if they decided to live millions of miles away from me. One in Florida. One in San Francisco.

One day they decided to meet in SF, when Ariosto was going back to the Philippines.

“Nag stopover siya sa SF pauwi Manila. So, he called me up to meet up. When we were there in that resto, reminisce to the max ng “Lovingly Yours Helen”.

“Then we called Redgie Acuna Magno via Messenger to say HELLO. Hayun na! Gawa daw kami ng comeback. Sabi ni Nonong, magkita daw sila sa Manila. Nagkita sila, kinuha ang free sched ko while Nonong was there. Sabi ko I can fly July 29-Aug 2.

“Ang bilis ng pangyayari, they emailed me the script and the Senior Executive Producers Mona Mayuga and of course, LYH’s Winnie Hollis Reyes (pa rin) and Wardrobe dept were in contact with me through Messenger na. And yun na. Taping na!

“It was just as simple as that with close friends! It was the Exec Producer Princess Dianne Oliza who was in direct contact with me, UP TO NOW regarding the airing date and time and the teaser upload etc.

Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr (1)

“Dumating ako ng July 29, Monday, 3:35 am. Natulog the whole day, to report, Tuesday at 8am on the set, natapos ng 2am Wednesday. Natulog na naman the whole day to report at 8am on the set ng Thursday, na natapos ng 1am of Friday. Natulog then, at 3pm larga na sa airport kasi traffic because of rain. Arrived airport at 5pm, flight was at 8:30pm. Natulog na naman ako buong biyahe.
Pagdating sa SF ng 6:30pm, tuloy business meeting pa.
Rachada diba?!

“Mula Puso Hanggang sa Buio” (The Blisse Cervantes Story) willl be featured yis Saturday, August 17, 2019.
What ordeal could be worse for a Father and a Mother than having two children with the same disability? How can they face the fact that this can hamper their children’s normal growth and shatter all their dreams?

ELSA (Vivian Foz) gives birth to her second child, BLISSE (Joyce Ching). Born with a rare bone disease called Osteogenesis Imperfecta, Blisse’s brittle bones have caused her some deformities that made her unable to walk like other kids in her school. Her father, BOY (Ariosto Reyes, Jr.) has been Blisse’s source of strength and determination. Her family makes life beautiful for Blisse despite her predicament.

Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr (3)
Ariosto Reyes Jr. and Vivian Foz now in Magpakailanman

Soon, Elsa gives birth to their youngest son, ROMMEL. But this seems more of a tragedy than a blessing because Rommel was also born with the same bone disease. Elsa and Boy are devastated but they have to confront the truth and live with it for the rest of Blisse’s and Rommel’s lives.

Elsa, Boy and CYRIL (Lucio Ayala) indefatigably take care of Blisse and Rommel as they go to school and back to their modest home, as they are faced with some school bullying issues. A family that continuously trusts GOD and keeps an unwavering Faith.

But life seems unfair when Boy succumbs to lung cancer and Rommel to severe complications. Elsa almost gives in to depression. She begins to question God. But through all this, Blisse has remained undaunted. She is determined to finish school and graduate with honors. After all, it’s her father and brother’s ultimate dream before they passed away. Blisse would become Elsa’s source of strength, her emotional crutch, the one who’d bring back her faith in God. Together, they will continue their journey no matter how painful it seems.

Elsa graduates Magna Cum Laude and her life has become inspirational to her classmates and friends, an encouragement to those who have given up on hope. Yes, life is fair and beautiful.

Directed by Rechie del Carmen from a script by Gina Marissa Tagasa based on research by Karen Lustica.

Witness Vivian and Ariosto’s comeback in “Magpakailanman”!

Arlene and Roel after 35 years!

Vivian Foz and Ariosto Reyes, Jr (4)
My friend Ariosto and I during “Annaliza” (of Julie Vega) days

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