Gretchen Fullido decided to freeze her egg cells

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

AFTER her bouts with some personal issues, one of our favorite news anchors, Gretchen Fullido shared something shocking to some in her social account.

“I’m so happy to share this news with you!!! ☺️🙏🏼 I finally decided to freeze my eggs!!! Will document my journey and show you how I did my procedure in Victory Art Laboratory in Makati with daughter & father doctors Gia & Greg Pastorfide 😍💜🙏🏼

Gretchen Fullido (3)

“Been praying about this for a few years now and my dream finally came true!!! 🙏🏼 It’s the best birthday gift I can ever give to myself!!! ☺️ Now I can take control of my life, not rush on anything and have a baby in my own time, in God’s perfect time 😇

“So excited to share my journey to all women who have been wanting to harvest their eggs (I’ve also met other patients who shared their stories and it’s truly inspiring).

Gretchen Fullido (2)

“Feel free to message me for any questions and I will also be posting my journey on my YT: It’s A Greta Life soon! 😘

“[CLICK LINK IN MY BIO to know everything about egg harvesting and freezing & how it is done 💚]

Will still chat with her for more details.


Family History (1)

I have not had the chance to talk with Michael V. for a long time.

I was out-of-town when I got invited to his “Family History”.

But I got the chance to be invited by a good friend Maita Sanchez to watch its block screening at Vertis North (Ayala Malls).

And I was awed with the movie we watched.

Because the actors were very good led by the director himself, Michael V. with Ms. Dawn Zulueta, alongside with Miguel Tanfelix and Bianca Umali. With the support of Kakai Bautista and John Estrada.

Family History (2)

How Michael V. was able to weave a family story that punches into every beat of your heart is something na only a genius like him can do.

Laughing and crying at the same time. While at the back of your mind, there are so many things you are checking out. In what situations did you see yourself in their life on the big screen.

Michael V. was given a tribute before we watched the movie. Through songs by the El Shaddai Gospel Music Ministry and words from his friends in the industry.

“Matagal na itong proyekto sa utak ko. It just waited for the right time. Istorya ng mga kaibigan at kakilala ko. I, we, kami ng misis ko (Carol Bunagan) wanted to share a story for the whole family and at the same time giving back the glory to God. Hindi naman in such a preachy way. ‘Yung nangyayari talaga now in our midst sa iba’t ibang pamilya.”

Family History (3)

Though he admits it did not make it to have extended runs in some cinemas, he is happy and thankful that its showing is entering the doors of different parishes and schools all over the country. Even in some barangay circles.

Word has got to spread that there is one movie na “makabuluhan” in our midst.

“Family History” is everyone’s story.

Between husband and wife. The kids. Relationships. One’s health and well-being. You. The family. The family. And you!

More than being a comedian in his “Bubble Gang” and “Pepito Manaloto” skits, Michael V.s mind is one factory of not just jingles and punchlines. He gave life to his character as Alex-the advertising man bent on focusing in his work that he forgets life’s other trivialities in a manner that you will appreciate and thank him for.

Meron pang mga sinehan’g palabas siya. Go and treat yourselves for some realizations. That really, “life is not a box of chocolates.”

Minsan pwede’ng McDo lang pala! And the JOY it gives!

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