Re-telling the history of Culion

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

AWARD-WINNING scriptwriter Ricky Lee, together with Iza Calzado‘s manager Noel Ferrer and a bunch of writers and vloggers flew to Culion, Palawan to see the completion of the script he wrote for Shandii Bacolod‘s #TeamMSB and #iOptions.

As we visited the Culion Museum and Archives, we were taken back in time to its History and Objectives.

To preserve Culion History, culture and heritage particularly in the quest to control leprosy in the Philippines and the early policies, treatment and care of the person affected with the disease in Culion.

Its history–from the dark past in the time of War and how it became a Leper Colony and how it has conquered the dreaded disease during those years to reach its global appeal in the present–will be shared by Master storyteller Ricky Lee in #CulionTheMovie.

Not so long ago, Ricky made a script, “Huwag Mong Salingin ang Sugat” with the same theme which was supposed to be directed by the Lino Brocka. It was Boyet de Leon who finished it.

Today, Alvin Yapan is directing it with Director of Photography Neil Daza.

Today’s shoots were heavy for the three leading ladies Iza Calzado, Meryll Soriano and Jasmine Curtis Smith.

Their stories will definitely shed light on the life in Culion of three friends and their take on family, love, friendship and Hope.

Going around their Museum taught us so many things about the dark past of Culion which will be shown in the movie and how they become stronger with the passing of time. And erase the stigma on Hansen’s disease.

We are so thankful for #TeamMSB of Shandii Bacolod and #iOptions and Gillie Sing.

Sharing here the behind scenes of the movie that will open our hearys, minds and souls about Culion!

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