The Race is On!

pilar mateo sniTHE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

WHO would have thought that former Quezon City Mayor Herbert Bautista‘s son Race Matias (by Eloisa Matias) will follow in his footsteps as an actor.

Though Race finished a Filmmaking course in the New York Film Academy (not NYU) and Acting as well where he spent three years of his life, there was a point in time when he spent some time in his life dancing and even competing.

So, don’t be surprised if he is doing his terpsichorean steps in Nadine Lustre-Sam Concepcion’s new movie from Viva Films, “Indak!”

Race Matias (1)

Many were surprised when as an intro to my question to him, I said matter-of-fact that Race is HB’s son!

I also asked Race’s permission if I can ask him about his brother from another mother, Harvey, who was ahead of him in doing the biz part.

“I have no problems at all with all of them. We are not that close. And we don’t talk everyday. But I am praying to God everyday on the success of all their careers.”

His Mom Eloisa asks Race when he was barely six years old while watching TV on what he wants to be when he grows up.

“I told her I want to be Spider Man. That was what I was watching (si Toby MaGuire pa). Peter Parker was always bullied. Sinisiko-siko. Though I was not bullied naman but I can relate to his character. He was given this gift. And there’s that conflict in his head. Kaya rin I wanted to do horror movies. If done right, it just wouldn’t be scary. A monster doesn’t have to be physical. It is an interpretation of evil. It can be hatred, guilt. And we all have our own monsters.”

Race admitted that at 22, he is in a non-showbiz relationship now but with someone who works as a Journalist.

To keep his feet planted on the ground-what is always in his head are his Mom’s words.

“Bow. Arrow. The harder you pull the bow, the farthest it will fly! That’s what she and my Dad kept reminding me. Na aral muna talaga. I wanted na sana to join “Goin’ Bulilit” or “PBB” then. I had a good choice.”

No politics for him. He says it’s a different challenge.

Race’s dance or “indak” in life has just begun.

Working with Nadine was hard at first.

“Kasi I thought she was mataray. Pero when we got into the groove doing scenes especially dancing, it was a breeze. We all got excited.”

Future leading ladies he dreams of working with?

“Julia Barretro. Ria Atayde.”

Working with the Dad?

“I’d love to. Pero ‘yung hindi kami related sa roles namin.The best advice he has given me as far as acting is concerned, regardless of the roles I do, I should be back to my real character. As me. As myself.”

His steps are in tune with the moves of his groove! That voice. That face. And what he has to offer in his craft.

By the way, Race’s Earth Angels are his Ninongs Direk Laurenti Dyogi, Joel Mercado and Noel Ferrer.

In this movie showing on August 7, Race has to thank Teacher Georcelle of G-Force and director Pail Alexei Basinillo for the different kind of dance they are showing in their characters.
On the right track in his race to stardom!

The son takes after the father. Whose grin should be seen from ear-to-ear!

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