The shoot for “Culion” is in full swing

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

ALL systems go for the production team of Shandii Bacolod (TeamMSB).

Auditions for the respective roles done. The actors were picked and given their respective assignments.

The location where the important scenes will be shot by Neil Daza have been found.

Director Alvin Yapan and scriptwriter Ricky Lee are opening the doors of “Culion” to the moviegoers.

Once tagged as The Island of No Return, Palawan’s Last Frontier, the island once beset by leprosy and where people afflicted by it were sent is now boasting of its increasing Tourism industry.

Producer Gillie Sing wanted a new project for Joem Bascon. And to be written by Ricky Lee.

The project came into being. The three major actresses were picked. Iza Calzado came in as an investor as well. Then, Meryll Soriano who longed to do a Ricky Lee project. And ousting her sister, who wanted to get the part, it went to Jasmine Curtis-Smith. With Joem and Mike Liwag. And a cast of thousands.

In full swing-the costumes are being made, measurements taken. The Prosthetic Team started working on the “look” of the characters. Skin tests and all.

“Culion”s light from its dark ages will be shown in the movie. About family, friendship, love, loyalty and hope.

The story of three friends at a time of war and their life in the leper colony called “Culion”.

What strength have they mustered to fight not just for their lives but for the love in their hearts and holding only to their faith and hope.

It is a movie with such magnitude that Shandii and her team are starting to work on in the last week of July.

After batch 1 has explored Culion’s glory, after talking to the important people who are taking care of the island and its wonderful community-everyone is excited to work together as they have set the first shooting day on the 15th of this month.

You will meet the three friends who lived in the island-Anna, Doris and Ditas. Each with a “hugot” with Kanor and Jaime.

“Culion” wishes to make it to the 2019 MMFF (Metro Manila Film Festival) in December.

As they say, “Culion” is a different kind of destination!

And everyone’s excited!

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