Rak of Aegis Rocks the Nights Away; Vince Tañada is Back with a Must-See Musical

pilar mateo sni The “P” Talks!

BY: Pilar Mateo

FROM JULY 5 to September 29, 2019 (Thursday to Friday-8 p.m. and Saturday and Sunday- 3 p.m. and 8 p.m.) at the PETA Theater Center on #5 Eynard Drive, New Manila, Quezon City is where the fresh experience and celebration of the Filipino spirit will be felt.

In Barangay Venezia, will be found the characters who will prove that this timely tale of hope, resilience and distinctly Filipino music will tug at the hearts of the Pinoy audience who will watch it.

For the nth time, in its gala night sponsored by PLDT Home WiFi, “Rak Of Aegis” Season 7 brought not just nostalgic scenes since its inception but a new celebration of the original cast’ take on their roles.

Aicelle Santos (Aileen), Isay Alvarez (Mary Jane), Robert Seña (Kiel), Neomi Gonzales (Mercy), Vince Lim (Kenny), Pepe Herrera (Tolits), Ron Alfonso (Jewel), Rody Vera (Fernan), and the ensemble got us excited once again as to what will still surprise us in PETA’s longest-running hit Pinoy musical.

We loved the additional props, decorations in that “baha” place by Mio Infante. Along with the lights of Jonjon Villareal, costumes by Carlo Pagunaling and shoe design by Marco Custodio. We knew or hearts were delighted. The powerful, catchy and timely lines by Liza Magtoto which complemented the direction of Maribel Legarda. And the wonderful musical direction and arrangement by Myke Salomon.

‘Hindi mo sasawaan ang mga kanya ng Aegis’ all the more!

New actors will portray the roles in the coming days. And we hope to catch Randy Santiago, Renz Verano, Noel Cabangon, Bayang Barrios, Derrick Monasterio, Jenine Desiderio, Leah Patricio, Kimberly Baluzoand a lot more in their own interpretation of the characters we’ve come to love, sympathized with, laughed and cried with.

Don’t miss the experience of a fantastic time with “Rak of Aegis”.

Get your tickets from Ticketworld at 891-1111 or PETA Marketing and Public Relations Office at 725-6244.


AT THE PSF (Philippine Stagers Foundation) lot, Vincent Tañada will share a new musical called “Sindak 1941” at SM North EDSA Cinema starting July 11, 2019.

For its 18th Season offering, Vince made an extensive reasearch of thr new material in Japan.

“Ang Filipinas sa panahon ng Hapon. At may ilang exposé na ipahahayag. Especially General Douglas MacArthur’s famous line, “I shall return. Why he said it will be given light in this musical. And more!”

Atty. Vincent continues to believe that thebtheater arts is the medium for education. As he understands the very short attention span of the millennials, no one will be bored to listen to Pipo Cifra’s arrangement of the original songs to be used in the musical.

In a time of war, where will Felipe Dimaculangan take his principles and perspectives in what and who is the true Filipino.

Who is he mirroring?

Vince believes in a hero who is alive. Just like his Daddy Tony from whom he took most of the things he values in life.

Will we find the true heroes of our time in “Sindak 1941”?

Snippets of some scenes were presented by the cadt and ensemble at the Bulwagan in Hotel Benilde in Manila last night.

A must see musical.

Sindak 1941 (5)

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