What happened to 90s actress Leah Orosa?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

IT was in 1990 when Viva Films brought them together in a movie, “Sa Diyos Lang Ako Susuko“.

They fell in love and had a daughter, Camille.

And separated.

Lea left the country and turned her back on her movie career.

We caught each other on Facebook and Lea has this to share:

“Hello! All good with me. Hope life’s treating you well!”

Leah Orosa (3)

At the time we were chatting, she said she was in San Diego, California with Camille. Home is also in Austin, Texas.

“Well…. super proud of my kiddos (6 of them). They are such a source of joy for me.
I do so many things here for business and that keeps me busy. Thank God naman that everyone is healthy.”

What does Leah do?

“Oh I love love love rehabbing homes. I’ve done quite a few… I just finished a 1 year job with a Filipino fast food store that’s based in LA. Reorganized staff and set targets and goals. It was great but retail hours and life in Cali is just too expensive.

“Gotta keep it real! 🤣

Was married for over 20 years but divorced about 7 years na. I’ve been with my boyfriend for about 5 years now.

“Oh believe me, I’m aging just as quickly as everyone else….. gonna try to make this a healthy year though.

“Camille (with Robin) will be 29 na this year! Can you believe? She really is such a blessing and has such a great soul. She’s in touch with Robin, Marielle and her sisters. I’m happy for that.

“The others are 24, 23, 20,17 and 9.

“The first time I left was when I was pregnant with Camille. In 93-94 I left to establish a family life in San Francisco. Always the plan to raise my kids in the US. I had many reasons for wanting that. More importantly though, I wanted my kids to grow up without all the luxuries that people tend to take for granted. Also to make sure that they had a sense of identity.

“The father of my 5 kids is also a very accomplished businessman and I just never appreciated that sense of entitlement that many people have.

“Camille and I called Bebe last week and it was so nice to share some stories with Camille about the past. Things she would not otherwise know about.”

Leah Orosa (4)

How is Camille?

“Oh she’s doing really really well! I mean really well. She’s been doing marketing and analytics for years now (Digital Marketing Manager ay Advice Local and Marketing Director at Skin Solutions) and is already heading multi-million dollar accounts.

“Robin wants them to be in touch.

“I’m not necessarily overbearing but I was and am definitely “present” in their lives. Gosh, when we get together, the laughs and singing are endless!

“A lot of growth and lessons have been learned and that continues.

“I just keep reminding myself that God is pruning me… God is pruning me 🤣. To be the best person I can be.”

End of “tsikahan.

Is she for real? Seems like!

After the chat, I lost her.


Kris Bernal (2)

“KONTRADIKSYON” actress Kris Bernal shared on her posts that she is now a vlogger.

“This will not be your typical celebrity vlog. I am doing this with one mission. To inspire and empower people, especially hardworking women out there, that we can always aim for more, reach further and soar higher!”

Kris is inviting you to her YouYube channel-SHE IS KRISB #YourOneWomanTeam.

Her supporters are all very happy for the Kapuso star! That she has finally joined the bandwagon of actors sharing a part of themselves to one an all!

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