Filipino-American Martin Martinez stars in a movie ‘Saving Flora’

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

THE first time I watched the advanced preview of “Saving Flora” to be distributed by WOMY Productions (showing on July 19, 2019), I told my friend bloggers that the leading man of Jenna Ortega looks like a Pinoy!

It was a breeze “talking” to Martin Martinez who portrays the role of Sebastian in “Saving Flora”.

The actor whose Mother Jonalyn hails from Sta. Rita, Pampanga is happy with the things happenning in his life now.

“I started as an actor in a very small town where there were no film and TV opportunities. This challenged me to pursue my journey to Hollywood when I was only 17 years old. It was where I booked my first role on a big television show in the us called “The Real O’Neils“.

“From there it was a snowball effect where I landed numerous network television shows such as “Shameless”, “The Fosters” and “Station 19”.

“My first film opportunity was “Saving Flora”, a beautifully written script about a girl rescuing her elephant. This movie proved awareness to animal cruelty and the meat industry. Being in a film that I am so passionate about made me really want to work for this role.

“I had auditioned and fell in love with the script pulling many scenes from my personal life. My challenging upbringing has helped me make being an actor now a realistic vision for my family who didn’t think it was possible at the beginning.”

Things learned and discovered.

“It was amazing, such experienced actors I really was able to let loose and be myself in the scenes. Learning their cadences and positivity throughout the whole shoot was also something I’ll never forget. David (Arquette) was a funny guy always joking and making people smile. And Jenna made working on set a complete blast. I remember the locations manager let us ride the quads when we were off and she freaked out! Haha I guess she didn’t trust me driving! Haha!”

More facts about Martin says that Martin has been working in the industry since the age of 15. He has always worked for what he wanted and knew at a young age that Hollywood, California was his destination. Born and raised in Sacramento California as Martin Meguelhin, he changed his last name to Lion when he registered as an actor because casting directors couldn’t pronounce and say it correctly.

In Sacramento, he did odd jobs to make ends meet, booking modeling gigs in print and runway as well as acting projects on his own. Two short films he did, “Sweet Pills” and “Love and Lost” were one of a few shorts that were picked to be shown in select IMAX theaters in Northern California.

His drive and a strong interest in the industry finally moved him to Los Angeles California in 2016.

He plans to visit the Philippines this July to visit his relatives and promote “Saving Flora”. The heartwarming movie for the whole family.

Kilig feels made my blogger friends guffaw with so much excitement.

I told him he can call me, Tita! As in the Philippines apart from respect, that is also a term of endearment with friends!

Let Martin and Jenna and the whole cast warm your hearts in their journey with Flora, the elephant!

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