Discover the Fun in Taipei with Mikey Bustos

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

MIKEY Bustos is back!

Taipei’s Information and Tourism Department is inviting Filipino tourists to return, working again with local businesses to bring a product launch event in the Philippines.

Last year popular Filipino YouTuber Mikey created lyrics for the song “My New Crushie” and the music video featuring Taipei Tourism attracted over 1 million views.

This year, he appeared in the launch event, once again demonstrating his music talent as he writes rap to an ancient number of Taiwanese opera.

The song is called “My Filipino Parents in Taipei.” In the music video, Bustos plays three characters all by himself in major locations in Taipei. It’s a parody that will definitely catch people’s attention.

The Department of Information and Tourism of Taipei City has gathered an army of Taipei’s popular businesses, showcasing Taipei’s authentic and classic dishes.

These include Taipei’s bestselling breakfast shop Zhenfang’s Taiwanese-styled omelette and fresh milk tea combo, Taipei’s spicy hotpot chain Mantanghung’s Sichuan-styled beef dried noodle, Taipei’s must-buy souvenir BRAVO! BEAR mango Shortcake by Taiwan’s leading pastry maker Kuo Yuan Ye, popular Jin Jin Dessert’s honey citron aiyu jelly and unique sugar and grass jelly and milk, one of Filipinos’ favorite tea shops, Cha FOR TEA to go’s signature 913 pearl milk tea and honey green tea, online travel experience provider Klook’s exclusive Taipei experience set, highly inquired by Filipino visitor’s Taipei double-decker sightseeing bus and trendy hotels.

This year, Mikey shares Undiscovered Taipei.

Taipei Tourism - Mike Bustos (1)

Though he has been to Taipei many times, he admits that there are still more places to explore and experiences to discover in it.

Mikey’s catchy song is danceable. It highlights the different locations he didn’t see as well as the different foods he sampled last year.

“One of the best places.I discovered is the Beitou Hot Spring. There is a comdprtbale spring pool in the room. We also tasted tea served in a whisky glass in a hipster tea bar. It was a relaxing experience full of surprises. We also had a great time filming in Yangmingshan. The flower sea of hydrangea and Xiaoyukeng, a scenic part of the mountain, is absolutely stunning!”

FUN IN TAIPEI’s (FIT) travel promotion for travelers has been announced to the Manila-based media. The promotion is a joint initiative between Taiwan’s top airliner Eva Air and online travel experience agency Klook. For group travelers, Eva Air has collaborated with certain travel agencies to launch a super package that starts at US$127 per person (about NT$4,000), available for sale in the Philippines as of today.

Other giveaways in limited quantities include a co-branded handmade soap gift box between Dachuns Soap and Taipei City or a Taipei Travel Pass (an exclusive EasyCard or a 4-hour ticket on Taipei’s double-decker sightseeing bus). This promotion aims to offer Filipino visitors a super value experience from the moment they board the airplane until they finish the whole journey.

And Mikey opened up his heart’s journey. First on Instagram. Now to the whole world. Of hos 7-years relationship. Wirb another man. RJ Garcia.

“This is a different kind of 7-year itch. Meron pala’ng ganoon in relationships. Sa amin, it is a celebration. Kasi, out na kami. There were so much fear before. Syempre, we were thinking if it would affect our business. And the relationship. It took time to see when can we be ready. Now is the time!”

Out and proud and discovering more undiscovered territories.

In life. In love! In Taipei!

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