WCOPA’s Newest Pride! Releases First Single

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

TALK about Ariana Grande meets Christina Aguilera.

That was how now seventeen year-old Sophia Bianca wowed the audience when she went up that stage in Long Beach, California, USA, where she competed in the prestigious WCOPA (World Championship of the Performing Arts) last year.

When school comes in September, the De LaSalle University to take up a Mass Communications course, Sophia promised herself that even if music is her passion, she will continue doing what she wants to do.

Sophia Bianca (2)

Sophia joins in the five category-R&B, country, rock, gospel and pop. She bagged the silver medals in country and pop. And came out the grand champion for the Senior Voice.

“My dream is to become an international recording artist. Since I was thirteen, my Mom and I would do the karaoke rounds and I think that was where my voice got polished. That’s why when the audition for WCOPA came, we didn’t miss the chance.

“When we got to Long Beach, we walked. I just wanted to feel the ambiance of the place. Until came that time to be on that stage.”

And Sophia’s best performance shone through.

This Friday, she is releasing her single “In Love’s Eyes” on the different music platforms.

Sophia Bianca (1)

WCOPA welcomes her back in its opening ceremonies for this year. Then, she has a show in New York’s Ugly Kitchen with a band on July 24, 2019. And to shoot her official video in the Big Apple.

Sophia’s dream may be very grand. To get to the international scene. Sophia’s parents (both lawyers) are very supportive of her.

Her manager Ms. J owns a café along sct. Ybardolaza in Quezon City called Pookaberry Café, from the creator (Ms. J’s hubby) of the character featured in a SWATCH edition (1998)-Peter Marco. And being handled by Blogtalk Host MJ Racadio as her publicist.

She started on the right footing!

A world champion. Wait for her to shine the brightest!

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