“Frontrow: We Are Proud”, a very successful LGBT event

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IT was a day of merriment and celebration during Frontrow International‘s first LGBT-related event at this year’s Pride Month, “Frontrow: We Are Proud.” The said event happened yesterday, June 1, at the Frontrow office in Mother Ignacia Street, Quezon City.

We are lucky to be part of the event and here’s an exclusive coverage during the Frontrow: We Are Proud.

Frontrow members join the fun

Frontrow members, both from the LGBT community and allies, were gathered to celebrate love and camaraderie for gays, lesbians, bisexuals, trans people, etc.

The party kicked off when the contestants for the Lip-Sync Battle tried to impress the judges and the audience with their ability to lip-sync their favorite songs. From Avril Lavign to Beyonce, you name it.

Next contest was the Jake Zyrus Look-A-Like Contest where all the contestants show off their inner Jake Zyrus.

Of course, it was not a great party without show-stoppers who wore their fabulous colorful couture. The stage became a runway when the “models” show off their outfit designed by themselves.

Jake Zyrus with his book “I Am Jake”

A very happy Jake Zyrus appeared on stage as he saw a lot of people waiting to see him in the flesh. Jake was joined by the President of Frontrow RS Francisco.

He’s currently promoting his autobiography titled “I Am Jake.” In his book, he revealed on how he transitioned as a transman, and how he faced his challenges in his new life.

He willingly answered all the questions from his fans during Q & A. Someone asked about Jake’s favorite quote from his book. Jake responded: “This is not yet the end. This is just Chapter One of my new life. I will face many more challenges along the way. Even right now, life is not without its problems.

“There are taxes, there are haters, there are all the ways I have to change and adjust myself as a celebrity—changes I don’t always enjoy making. Life can still be painful, but I can face it because I’m finally facing it as me. I have achieved that kind of inner peace where, if the world were to end today and I found myself all alone, I would just sit back on my couch and wait. I have lived my truth. And that is all that matters.”

After the Q & A, 300 lucky attendees, who received Jake’s book for free, had a chance to sign their books and had groupies with the international LGBT icon.

At the end, RS Francisco said that Frontrow: We Are Proud is just the start of a month-long LGBT event organized by Frontrow International. There are a lot of surprising events happening this coming weeks, including the Metro Manila Pride in Marikina City. For more information, visit Frontrow International Facebook page.



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