Nick Vera Perez’ NVP1 Smile World promises more charity events to come

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

WHEN it was founded in May 2016, Nick Vera Perez’ NVP1 Smile World shared its core values to the hundreds of members that believed in its mission.

The mission was a world with no hate. No jealousy. No drama.

A world with singers who love to help others.

A world to run for safety when emotionally low.

Embodying the missing in singing, loving and serving.

Nick Vera Perez with guests (1)

NVP is a certified Nurse in Chicago, Illinois, USA. But it is his passion in music that keeps him coming back to the Philippines. Where he shares his music.

He shared his passion in music through the help of Ronald Abad of RLTV Entertainment Productions where he was their artist. And Adonis Tabanda was instrumental in his “I Am Ready” album.

The rest is history as they say. NVP’s fan base has spread to all countries. He went into this SMULE sing-along karaoke online where his fans get the chance to spend time singing with him.

For the third year, NVP prepared an Apprecistiom for his friends from the press. With buffet dinner and medals and plaques of appreciation to those who has been with him since the very start.

Nick Vera Perez with guests (4)

This is also the time that he found the space to have his mall tours in the different provinces and guesting in the different radio shows.

“May mga places kasi na napangakuan ko pero daahil sandali lang ang time ko to stay here, nawawala sa schedule namin. Kaya itong balik ko now, ‘yun ang mga inuna namin. sa Davao. This weekend sa Iloilo naman.

“Next year in May 2020, we are presenting na the major concert in Music Museum. Kaya a lot of preparations na naman tayo niyan. Kaya I am thanking each and everyone na lubos ang pagtulong sa NVP1Smile all these years. Karamihan sa kanila sa online ko lang nakakausap.”

NVP as I told him was brave in courageous in accomplishing things that his heart beats for.

What about his fear?

“Immobility! ‘Yung hindi ka na makakagalaw to do the things that you want to do and enjoy. If I can have a superpower, that is to be able to help pa rin sa mga nangangailangan especially those who want to have their place here.”

Following his heart, NVP believes that music is the one thing that soothes the soul and transports you into another world!

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