What’s Living in Korea Like with the “Sunshine Family”?

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

HOW IS IT TO LIVE in another country?

A family comprised of Don and Sonya Mapalad with their kids Shine and Max have been living in Korea for several years.

They have a plan of going home to the Philippines. Until that accident happened. When the “padre de familia” gets involved in a hit-and-run accident.

Shot entirely in Seoul ans Yangpyeong County, “Sunshine Family” is a comedy-drama that tells the story of the Mapalad Family. Sonya is Shamaine Buencamino, Don is Nonie Buencamino and portraying the kids are Sue Ramirez and Marco Masa.

Spring Films, the studio that brought us the “Kimmy Dora” trilogy and “Kita Kita” in partnership with Korean studio Film Line Pictures Productions LTD offers this movie directed by Kim Tai Sik.

Kim is the acclaimed director of the 2007 international film festival favorite “Driving With My Wife’s Lover“.

How did it came to be?

Nonie mused, “The Korean government was the one who commissioned Direk Kim to submit a story and ito nga ‘yung napili. Based on a 1992 Japanese award-winning film, “Hit and Run Family”. But this time, ang gusto nila, Filipino actors ang gumanap and Korea ang setting.”

Though they have worked together in some projects, this is the first time husband and wife in real life, Nonie and Shamaine are working together as the film’s lead.

“We will be celebrating our 29th anniversaey on May 28, 2019. We met at a play in CCP. Sinasamahan niya ‘yinh beotjer niyang si Nonong Buencamino. And we would spend endless nights together after our work in the theater. We were blessed witj 4 kids. One is now in jeaven, si Julia, our youngest. It was because of her that we put up a Foundation, the Julia Buencamino Foundation though hindi pa ito registered.”

sunshine family cast

Added Shamaine, “We give talks. To high school kids especially.”

Close to their hearts, the cast were just too happy to experience being a family and lived the life of Pinoys in The Land of the Morning Calm.

Nonie and wife Shamaine said they were just too lucky to be picked for the roles.

Sue and Mark had memorable moments.

“Nakapag-ikot kami ng kasama ko. Sinulit namin. ‘Pag walang shoot, madali lang naman, a train away lang. Napuntahan ko ‘yung famous tower nila. Na-experience namin ang Samgyupsal. Ang sarap ng pagkain nila kasi. No walang sumunod haha. Trabaho. Priority. Maski naman ginawaran ako ng role as the Ambassadress to Korea, there are still many things na gusto ko pa ring ma-explore and discover. Especially sa places nila. Probinsya ang locatoon namin na super ganda.”

The Filipino communities in Korea are making the efforts to have it shown there.

But as part of Spring Films’ 10th year anniversary, “Sunshine Family” shares a story relatable to each of us.

Sue gets to kiss K-Pop Idol Shinwoo of the boyband Blanc 7 in his role as her policeman boyfriend!

Don’t miss this! June 5, 2019 in your favorite cinemas! (30)

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