Ara Mina celebrates her “Double Twenty” birthday

pilar mateo sni  THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

IN the video her family and friends made for the birthday girl, Ara Mina, her ex-partner and the Dad of her Amara, Patrick Meneses was the finale. Who still called her ‘my Labs’.

But the birthday girl was very sure of her not secret wish that like what all her friends wished for her, it was a lovelife to reckon with.

With Kate Middleton as her peg minus the fascinator (hat), Ara and her friends had a 15-day preparation for a setup, just like in the movies.

Three rows of wooden tables bedecked with fresh flowers and fresh edible fruits like apples and grapes for everyone to partake.

Her Dad Chuck Mathay with sister-in-law Riki Kwek and brother Chuck came. From.the Reyes aide, Mommy Klenk who Ara said was the Venus Imperial when she was acting in the movies and has German blood was with Cristine, Holly, Heidi and the whole brood.

Wine overflowed. And you really ger the feels of a garden party in Tuscany. Where you can pick the grapes hung above your head.

SNI takes a peek and gets the feel of an amazing party for the girl who turned forty.

A Double Twenty to remember. And as they say, “Lige begins at…”

Looking beyond the clouds to her silver linings, Ara’s got all she wants. Except for the Prince who will sweep her off her feet.


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