Edu Manzano defends himself about his disqualification case

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!
BY: Pilar Mateo

RUNNING for CONGRESS (San Juan) on Monday’s Election, Edu Manzano tendered lunch for his media friends to answer the disqualification case filed against him.

Present with him is his lawyer, Atty. Sixto Brillantes, former COMELEC Chairman.

“I am not disqualified. Kandidato pa rin ako,” mused the 63-year old candidate.

“My name is still in the ballot and I can be voted on and votes in my favor will be counted,” he added.

One issue being hurled at him is his citizenship, by Comelec’s 2nd Division. Which his camp declares as not final and executory. Ans his lawyer clarified that he is not disqualified so he can run because the decision is not final.

“Plain publicity to mislead the public. So, Mr. Manzano is still a legitimate candidate on Monday, May 13, 2019.”

Edu Manzano (2)

Edu will file a motion for reconsideration.

Edu won this case in 1998 and the Supreme Court has declares him a Filipino citizen. And everytime, the actor declares he is a natural born Filipino born of Filipino parents.

“It’s like history repeating itself dahil ganito na rin ang eksaktong ginawa sa akin in May 7, 1998. Kinasuhan ako. Remember, I wob as Makati’s Vice-Mayor. And here we are after 21 years. I am 63 years old. Ngayon pa ba ako mabu-bully? And why only now. 4 or 5 days na lang to Election Day. I filed ny candidacy in October 2018 to run as Congressman of San Juan.

“Yes, we know who’s doing it. Hindi matanggap what is happening. Because everytime a thing like surveys happen, mas nadadagdagan by the thousands those who follow me in my social media accounts.

The pulse of the people are clearly felt in the rallies they hold. When people are getting more in numbers. Especially those wanting to know the truth-if he is really running. It turned out to have a positive effect nkt onky for Edu but for his #TeamOneSanJuan.

“Yun nga. I just felt bullied. You know, I would never think that I will be bullied at the age of 63!”

Edu Manzano (1)

People still remember his role in “FPJs Ang Probinsyano”. The notorious Vice-President Lucas Cabrera. A hypothetical question from the showbiz press xame up. If that was done to his character what could be the reaction?

“Naku! Kung kay Lucas Cabrera? Sigurado, may isa, pangalawa, pangatlong yugto ‘yan. Walang tigil, walang humpay ‘yan!

“We’ve tried our best to elevate he discourse sa aming pangangampanya. The entire team of One San Juan, we always have marching orders mula sa aming campaign manager. ‘Huwag tayong manira, huwag tayong mambato ng putik, huwag tayong mambatikos. Issue-based dapat ang ating pangangampanya.

“Even Mayor Janella Estrada has been the subject of countless criticisms at ng binabatong putik mula sa kabilang kampo, but Mayor Janella has kept her cool and so does the entire team, One San Juan.

Edu is very confident that the truth will be on his side.

All he is praying for is for people to vote for him to be able to continue what he has started in San Juan where he has lived for a very long time!

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