Music Box celebrates its 35th anniversary on the 26th of May

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

TREBEL SAS Karaoke (Sing-Along System). Riscovered by Roberto del Rosario. That was the technology in 1984. And the first to use was newly opened pub in May 17 of that year. In a small apartment in Banawe, Quezon City.

Fast forward to now. The merry month of May. And MUSIC BOX will celebrate its 35th anniversary on the 26th of May.

It is no longer a question as to the who’s who the sing-along club has produced. But every now and then, luminaries like the Comedy Queen Ai Ai delas Alas, Partylist Spokesperson and now a private citizen Arnell Ignacio, Pokwang and many more in the world of comedy with singing and dancing stepped on that tiny stage on Music Box when it started to build its home along Timog Avenue.

For this year, Daddy Wowie de Dios thought of doing a Kundiman theme where his hosts will showcase the music, culture and the feels of the era where golden voices have sung the sweetest and the best songs of our times.

Music Box sa Kabukiran

One of the hosts we got the chance to have a small talk with was Wednesday and Sunday’s Leanne dela Cruz.

Singer Dio Marco who has frequented the place since the 80s until he catapulted into his success, said of Leanne that if we put a mole on his upper lip, she would look like iconic actress of the 50s Rita Gomez.

Leanne was not bent on being a singer. But her fate brought her in Music Box. Since when she was a kid, she was already a music lover.

There was a time when she rubbed elbows with kundiman singers in an event in her teenage years. With the great Ric Manrique, no less.

She said she is familiar with the kundiman of the past. Remembering the best and the sweetest sounds. Who she will feature in the occasion is still a secret and she’s busy with her research of the song , the costume, the look, the feels of an era almost forgotten.

Daddie Wowie in spite of the turns and tests of time-the ebbing of life’s twists and turns keeps his mission to hone more talents and give them the space they deserve in the music scene.

Music Box (1)

Music Box is life a home that his family comes home to. No matter how long some have had a hiatus, a little vacation, or spending lives away from the country- it has always been an open door to be one’s comfort zone.

I have stepped in Music Box in the 80s. You can imagine the era with the best kind of music and entertainment we have had. The dancefloor where most showbiz parties were held. The stage where almost every singer have enjoyed their moment.

One of its hosts and who served as a post, Sonny Pinca (deceased), the mother hen was instrumental in the development of his wards. He must be smiling in Heaven now.

All days of the week, with some offs every now and then, Music Box is the happy place to be in!

The tunes may have changed. But the music is still the same.

Celebrate with Daddie Wowie and his great hosts on its 35th on 26th.

Music Box (2)

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