Nick Vera Perez returns to The Philippines for his album tour

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

HE is already living a comfortable life in the USA but his passion for music is what drives Nurse Nick Vera Perez into Philippine shores each year.

“I learned that simple living is basically living right and finding that one corner in your life and accepting it as it is.

“Simple life is everything.

“I learned that I work well with people who I trust, love and respect. The only way I can add a person to my circle, be it on stage, any performances, events, and clubbing is when they like, love, and interact with my posts, comments genuinely on them compared to emojis only, and really take part in simple conversations.

“Genuine conversations are never dulled. You can always feel who are genuine or who are there for parasitic leverages. As I count on talents and skills and packaging, my biggest weaknesses are kindness, humility and respect. These three combined always melt my heart. To show me even just for once, a sign of any forms of disrespect, malice and outrageous and ambiguous postings are red flags to my soul.


“Anytime, I can be their blind items. I don’t deal well with people who are paid well and does not perform well. I don’t appreciate hate and I appreciate actions. I don’t allow people who values u for money and not by your essence. So life is indeed very simple. And it is everything to me. The simpler my life became, the better I actually feel everyday.

“I have learned that spending time with my families, direct or indirect has given me inner strength. I have learned that I don’t need thousands of friends, a thoughtful handful of 3-10 will do. I learned that honesty still saves the day than lying which fabricated stories are stressful than actually finding ur way out of a problem. I learned that the only one who can fill the void we feel every day we are alone is GOD and no one else. I learned that when you see older generation, YOU MUST RESPECT MORE of their existence as they have paved and opened everything for us to experience pleasure and better today. I have learned that honing your skills is better than checking out your neighbors’ new things and lifestyles.

“I learned that singing is better than talking nonsense about other people who did you nothing in the first place. I learned that hugging someone gives you stronger emotional balance than pretending to do well publicly. I learned that when friends turn their backs on you for discovering their ill-fate on money laundering of any kind including using what is not yours, is okay to let it be than fighting for them to stay.

“With so much things to learn everyday, I learned pretty well that the simpler my life becomes, the better I will be.

To everyone… happiest Weekday ahead and I will see u all soon!”

With more than ten luggages to boot, Nick and Mom Visitacion are scheduled to land tonight in the Philippines.


“Two things happened:

“Initially the assigned aircraft wasn’t working so we had to deplane, (thank God for safety),

“Then while flying, we were already rebooked to cut through Honolulu by flying direct to Japan at 10:05 AM, out of a sudden, a northeast winds and storm severely clouding Houston Texas, made the pilot run the flight for 3.5 hours compared to 2.47 supposedly.

“So we arrived 11:30 AM again missing two flights to Honolulu and Japan, Yes, we felt the turbulence, nevertheless I count it all joy to be stranded in Texas.

“The customer service guy so nice patiently booking us what but one thing is sure, Manila will be by 5/4 not 5/3… updating soon…
Thank you all for your prayers!

Still in Houston for all these Lightnings.
Arrival in Manila will be Via
Philippine Airlines Flight 421
On May 4th at 7PM.”

Definitely, tomorrow night NVP will be home with a complete schedule for the whole month to promote his songs and once again, meet his fans from all parts of the globe!

Just like what his song “I Am Ready” say-in every way and in all ways he’ll be here to entertain us!

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