ACTS-OFW Party List Supports the LGBT Anti-Discrimination Bill

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS

BY: Pilar Mateo

ACTS-OFW PARTY List Cong. Aniceto “John” Bertiz III reiterated their group’s commitment for the passage of the Anti-Discrimination Bill in Congress in a recent meeting in Club Filipino.

The said Bill will protect the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transgenders in the workplace and in the schools, as well as the right to set up a business or practice a profession. It will also give them the equal rights that are the birth right of each and every Filipiino.

Cong. Bertiz to the LGBT community is full, especially to those who attended the solidarity event.

“We have Overseas Filipino Workers who are also members of the LGBTcommunity. We have seen how hard they work so they could provide for their families back home. The LGBTs are the bread winners and the backbone of their families. They have sent their brothers and sisters to school, and have taken care of their parents’ medical needs. Therefore, we should give them the protection that is enhrined in the Bill of Rights of our Philippine Constitution.”

For their part, Ladlad Chairman Professor Danton Remoto lauded his commitment from a party list whose focus is to have the best ethical practices in the overseas recruitment industry.

“I am also an Overseas Filipino Worker teaching at a British University in Malaysia. I welcome the consultation done by ACTS OFW Party List with us regarding LGBTQ rights. Fighting for the rights of our LGBTQ will always be a prime advocacy of Ladlad Party List.” Professor Danton is running for Councilor of District 3, in Quezon City.

Businesswoman and producer Rhodora “Tita Doray” Pascual Morales is all out in her task to support the good Congressman and has her hands opened especially for the whole of the LGBT community.

“Aksyon! Hindi salita. ‘Yan ang gusto namjng ipakita sa mga tao. Kaya nung ako ay kinausap ni Cong. Bertiz, pinaniniwalaan ko ang mga nagawa na rin niya pati na sa mga naipasa ng Bills.”

ACTS OFW means Alliance for Community Transformation and Service for Overseas Filipino Workers which eas founded in 2010. ACTS OFW Party List pushed for the 10-year validity of our passport and the creation of 1,000 more slots daily for OFW applicants. They also worked for the exemption of OFWs from the P550 airport terminal fee, among many other legislative measures to help our OFWd, dubbed the “unsung heroes of our country.”

The Solidarity Dinner was attended by the different groups of the LGBT community.

The highlight were the numbers presented by the members and the special guests like Mark Mabasa.

The colors of the rainbow were well-represented headed by Bemz Dumlao Benedito with Dhevy Sahagun and Tala Vera.

What more if the solidarity stones will be fully used for its greatest purposes.

Cong. Bertiz cleared the issues hurled at him in an incident at the airport. Where he said gave him so much lesson.

And those present also came to know the truth and the real story.

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