9 Nominations for the Philippines; A star studded opening night of ASEAN International Film Festival Awards

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BY: Pilar Mateo

ATTENDED BY no less than Hollywood actor Steven Segal and his wife Erdenatuya, the star studded opening night with A Party by the River in Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia marked another highlight in its Visit Sarawak Year calendar, AIFFA (ASEAN Film Festival Awards) 2019’s 4th edition to give its excellence award of recognition to better promote ASEAN films to the international market as one of its objectives.

Thursday night announced the nominees for this year’s awards night to be held on Saturday, April 27, 2019 at the Coliseum Ballroom of the Pullman Hotel.


This year’s AIFFA nominees from the Philippines are:

  • Rody Vera, Signal Rock (Screenplay)
  • TM Mallones, Baconaua (Cinematography)
  • Ronwaldo Martin, Bhoy Intsik (Supporting Actor)
  • Barbara Miguel, 1-2-3 (Supporting Actress)
  • Elora Españo, Signal Rock (Lead actress)
  • Kristoffer King, Kristo (Lead Actor)
  • Joseph Israel Laban, Baconaua (Director)
  • Chito Roño, Signal Rock ( Director) Signal Rock
  • Signal Rock (Best Film)

Actress Alora didn’t expect the nomination as co-actress Teri Malvar was also part of the delegates who are in Sarawak now.

“Nagulat lang po. Pero masayang-masaya. Iba ang feeling talaga lalo pa na ang mga makakalaban ko eh, mula pa sa iba’t ibang mga bansa!”

The AIFFA 2019 Jury is headed by U-Wei Haji Saari of Malaysia with Alain Jalladeau, international juror from France, Mattie Do of Laos, Dajiel Rudi Haryanto of Indonesia and our very own Amable “Tikoy” Aguiluz.


The other nominees from the other countries are:

For Best Film Editing:

Rina 2 (Brunei), Tengkorak (Indonesia), Ave Maryam (Indonesia) Guang (Malaysia), and Song Lang (Vietnam)

Best Director of Photography:

Na Gyi “Mi”-Mayanmar
Ipung Rachmat Syaiful “27 Steps of May”-Indonesia
Bob Nguyen “Song Lang”-Vietnam
Chen Ko Chin “Shuttle Life”-Malaysia

Best Screenplay:

27 Steps of May-Indonesia
Crossroads: One Two Jaga-Malaysia
Shuttle Life-Malaysia
Song Lang-Vietnam

Best Supporting Actress:

Khouan Souliyabapha (Mina) “Rina 2”-Brunei
Julie Tan “Wonder Boy”-Singapore
Eisaya Hosuwan “Bad Genius”-Thailand
Nattarida Damronhvisetpanit “Memories of New Years”-Laos

Best Actress:

Sangeeta Khrisnasamy “Adiwiraku”-Malaysia
Maudy Kaoesnaedi “Ave Maryam”-Indonesia
Paing Phuoe Thu “MI”-Myanmar
Raihaanun “27 Steps of May”-Indonesia


Best Supporting Actor:

Amerul Affendi “Crossroads: One Two Jaga”-Malaysia
Verdi Soleiman “27 Steps of May” -Indonesia
Isaac “Song Lang”-Vietnam
A Linn Yaung “Shwe Kyar (Golden Lotus)- Myanmar

Best Actor:

Chicco Jerikho “Ave Maryam”-Indonesia
Rosdeen Suboh “Crossroads: One Two Jaga”-Malaysia
Remy Ishak “Pulang-Malaysia
Shafiee Mostar “Hari Minggu Yang Ke-4-Brunei

Best Director:

Leon Le “Song Lang”-Vietnam
Ertanto Robby Soediskam “Ave Maryam”-Indonesia
Nam Ron “Crossroads: One Two Jaga”-Malaysia

And Best Film:
“Crossroads: One Two Jaga-Malaysia
“Ave Maryam-Indonesia
“Mi” -Myanmar
“Like An Old House”-Vietnam

The biennial film festival and awards have yet to announce the recipients of the Asean Spirit, Special Honour, Special Jury, ASEAN Inspiration, and Lifetime Achievement Award.

Set to perform on Satuday are Harvey Malaiholo, Sheila Majid, Selena Tan, Upin & Ipin and Marlo Mortel.

Who will be luckier this year?

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