JR Estudillo talks about his projects outside his singing career

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

HE wasn’t really sure with the course he took in Customs Administration. But JR Estudillo pulled through. Now, he is preparing to take his Board Exams in Nursing in May.

“I took up po ‘yung sa Customs because of my Ninong who worked sa Customs then. Pero gusto ko rin mag-Nursing kaya, I took it din. Pero ang real dream ko po eh, mag-Aeronautics. Mahal lang kasi.”

The lad who hails from Digos in Davao found his passion for music in 2012 when he was still a student. In Davao, he graduated in Holy Cross of Davao College in his first course. And in Our Lady of Fatima University for Nursing.

“Nagbuo kami ng boy band, ‘yung Y-Fi, at nag-compete kami sa WCOPA (World Championship of Performing Arts) in Long Beach, California. We joined as a band. At kami ang nag-Champion as Senior Vocal Grouo of the World when we sang a Bon Jovi number.”

After doing a series of mall shows and concert shows, JR decided to go out on his own.

“In March 2018, nag-interpret ako ng original composition nina Alex and Aireen Hernandez na “Gintong Pag-Ibig” in a songwriting competition. In UNTVs ASOP (ADong of Praise) which won sa weekly finals. Last April 21, 2019, I performed again in ASOP and interpreted Joseph Eymard dela Cruz’ “Ang Makapiling Ka Ama”. Spotify naman released my “Ikaw Pa Rin” single composed by Jeremy Sarmiento and arranged by Cacho Ferrero.

“During my spare time, I started my online show with Solid Rock Entertainment Production‘s “Usapang Lodi“. Ms. Kate Rodriguez is behind it. The other shows are Barbie Cruz‘ “The Barbie Show” and tito Throy Catan‘s “SNI: Showbiz News Intrigues“. This keeps me rin po abreast with different stories that can be shared ng aking guests.

“I may be doing several.things at the same time. Mahirap din, especially now na I have to give time sa pag-review ko sa Nursing Board exam. Then, there are guestings and gigs din where I can showcase my talent and passion in singing.”

Coming from a boy band, JR surely can hit the right notes with the different genres he can belt out.

His supporters are just waiting for the big show he will be in.

“Excited na po ako!”

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