4 Movies to Watch Starting this Black Saturday

BY: Jo-Marie Bala

Most of us Filipinos celebrate Holy Week by visiting churches, and reflecting God’s words. After we’ve done all these, we don’t forget to have a good quality time with our family and friends. Some would go to the beach, or travel abroad. Others would love to watch movies and go to the cinemas.

Luckily, there are four movies that will screen nationwide this April 20: 2 dramas, 1 animation, and 1 horror. Here’s the list:


The multi-awarded historical drama film, Dagsin, will be shown nationwide this Black Friday. It was first shown in Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival and Tommy Abuel brought home a Best Actor award.

Justino (played by Tommy Abuel) became an atheist after he experiences Death March, Martial Law and an ambush that permanently confines him to a wheelchair. All that has changed when his wife Corazon die, and discover secrets about their past.

Also starring Lotlot De Leon, Benjamin Alves, Janine Gutierrez, Sue Prado, Marita Zobel, Alex Diaz, Rolando Inocencio, Yoshihiko Hara and Arpee Bautista; and it was directed by Atom Magadia.



The animated blockbuster hit in Europe, South America, and Russia will finally be shown in the Philippines this Saturday.

Meet Bob and Max — an unlikely beaver-cat tandem — as they undertake a dangerous mission to free their fellow animals, who were kidnapped by Aliens.

This wacky animal tale will be shown exclusively in SM Cinemas.



The movie is based on the life of Andrea Bocelli. It details his extraordinary story from the time he lost his sight because of his serious eye condition to the time he become a world-renowned tenor.

It stars Antonio Banderas (Desperado), and Toby Sebastian (Trading Paint) as Andrea Bocelli with the special participation of Andrea Bocelli himself.



The main protagonist of the movie is a young man named Jacob Felsen. He had a fascination with the persona of his dead grandmother, and started to wear dresses. Because of this, his parents sent him to an isolated boarding school owned by a strange headmaster Dr. Sherman, and his wife.

It stars Luke Prael (Eighth Grade), Will Paton (Armaggedon), and Tammy Blanchard (In to the Woods).

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