Celebrities, family celebrate Jobert Sucaldito’s birthday

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS

BY: Pilar Mateo

HIS guests were wondering why radio talk show host, columnist, producer and manager Jobert Agabao Sucaldito opted to celebrate his 58th day on earth in a gay bar, a club known to many as Club Mankind.

His idea of fun. And what fun he had!

And his guests-family, relatives, friends, colleagues, celebrities and more knew why.

The “58 Shades of Gray” (No Gray Area) he hosted was a night filled with so much entertainment. A special show which featured his alaga Kiel Alo, together with comedians Le Chazz and AJ Tamiza with one of the best musical directors in the biz Butch Miraflor kept the guests glued to their seats.

Jobert Sucaldito

There were impersonators, guests who jammed like Malu Barry and Ynez Veneracion and Macoy Mendoza. Also present were Patrick Garcia, Geace Ibuna, Allan K., Jojit de Nero, Michael Concepcion, Jenny Pingree, Odette Khan, Mimi Cua, Patricia Javier and more.

The owner gave him the best gift by impersonating him.

This can be considered Jobert’s another memorable. Next to that big celebration he had in Mang Inasal in Timog 10 years ago where he got bitten by a dog of his niece when he kissed the girl which sent him to have his shots in St. Luke’s.

Thankful! Grateful. Blessed…

In spite of the intrigues and issues that come in the life of him-Jobert feels lucky that people love him for what and who he is!


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