Jessy Mendiola and Arjo Atayde walks the red carpet of their premiere night of ‘Stranded’

pilar mateo sni  THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

ONE might ask, where does Arjo Atayde get the different emotions he’s been sharing in the different roles he portrays on TV and the movies.

And it looks like a roller-coaster ride for Sylvia Sanchez and Art Atayde‘s first-born.

Arjo’s been getting the breaks left and right. On iWant, he as the “Bagman” has proven that he can be a toughie with doing the action scenes. While in “The General’s Daughter” as Eli, he is the softie clinging to the love of his mother.

Now, on the bigscreen, opposite Jessy Mendiola, in “Stranded” of Regal Entertainment, he portrays Spencer who gets smitten by an office girl Julia in the midst of a storm that gets them to be together inside a building.

Their movie opened today in cinemas from the script of Easy Ferrer and Jeps Gallon and directed by Ice Idanan.

At their premiere, Jessy was asked if she would consider portraying “Darna” if it’s offered to her.

“I think, with my look now, parang hindi babagay na blondina ang maging Darna. She should be morena para Pinay na Pinay ang dating. ‘Yun lang ang take ko.”

Her ever supportive boyfie Luis Manzano escorted Jessy to the premiere and was equally happy to see the movie.


People were expecting to see Maine Mendoza as Arjo’s date but the lady’s got work to do.

Arjo’s parents were the early birds together with the other members of their families.

The next day, Sylvia and her family tendered a Thanksgiving for the members of the press who have been part of their journey, especially Ibyang’s in showbusiness.

“Kahit hindi ko kayo madalas makita o makasama, nakikita ko ang mga ginagawa niyo para sa aming buong pamilya. Sino ang magaakala na akong bulol bulol sa accent ko, eto ngayon, may dalawang supling na minamahal niyo rin. Bonus pa na nabibiyayaan ako ng mga pagkilala at karangakan sa akting. Ito ang paraan namin para mapasalamatan kayong lahat!”

When it rains, it pours.

Sylvia is continuously blessed with a happy married life and family and a flourishing career.

Arjo’s path has been driven in the right directions. With a love life to boot.

Ria, enjoying her life, as she came straight from the airport after watching the concert of John Mayer in HongKong cannot confirm nor deny if the talks that she is JM de Guzman‘s new girl is true.

The Ataydes are stranded in a journey that most would want to be in-career, family life and the bonuses in between!

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