Sharon Cuneta in Erik Matti’s Horror Flick “Kuwaresma”

pilar mateo sni THE “P” TALKS!

BY: Pilar Mateo

MONTHS ago, we bumped into direk Erik Matti in the City of Pines.

He and his staff were taking a break from the scenes he was finishing for “Kuwaresma“.

The star is none other than the Megastar Sharon Cuneta.

And it is a horror film they are shooting.

“I always go back to the horror genre just to check on my storytelling skills. It is always satisfying to go back to this genre where it forces the filmmaker to figure out every executional detail to get the most terrifying results without being hokey, cliche or too manipulative. With horror movies where so many have been done in the past, it’s hard to wing it.

“Here’s the trailer to our latest horror film. This is the most planned and deliberate visual storytelling we’ve ever done. I’ve never done a film storyboarded and shotlisted from beginning to end. This is almost entirely shot on one camera set-up. It’s been ages since I did that and I was reminded how satisfying it was for the director to tell a scene one shot at a time. “Looking forward to showing this soon on the big screen on May 15. Hope you enjoy getting scared!” Let’s get scared. Very timely, too. After Lent! Are we seeing a different Mega in her character here?

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